I'm Lisa McDonell 

A work-from-home Virtual Assistant, wife, and mom to 3 girls. I'm always striving to grow my business while living the healthiest and happiest lifestyle that I can. Life as a Virtual Assistant is awesome - but also chaotic and messy sometimes. We roll with it!

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The Brainy Gal, Virtual Assistant

In 2011 I started my first business, The Brainy Gal Virtual Assistant. I filled my practice to waiting-list-only and even weeded out the not-so-hot clients until I was working only with people I actually liked. I was constantly asked by other newbie Virtual Assistants how I did it…which led me to begin coaching and training other women to launch and grow successful online businesses.

My entire life turned around when I started working online and today I have a relaxed, rewarding, money-making business that I'm excited about. 

I create Products and Courses for Virtual Assistants and accept a limited number of women each quarter for private coaching.  

I want to help you grow your businesses the SMART way (they don’t call me Brainy Gal for nothin’) by sharing tried and true advice, accountability, and the marketing tips I've personally used to build a successful online Virtual Assistance business.



Lisa has operated a highly successful Virtual Assistance, Online Marketing & Coaching Practice since 2011. She is the creator of multiple courses, ebooks, and programs offering advice for Virtual Assistants and has been a featured speaker at Virtual Assistance events around the globe including Red Deer College’s VA Program, the IVAA Online Summit, and the Alliance for Virtual Business, Australia.

Lisa holds a Bachelor of Applied Arts from Toronto’s Ryerson University and is a Certified Holistic Health Coach graduating from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, with expertise in Business Development & MarketingCoaching, and the science & art of personal transformation. She has studied hundreds of practical health and lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world’s top experts, leading researchers, and health authorities.

REAL life...

I moved from the BIG city of Toronto to enjoy country life and now live in a 170-year-old farmhouse in 'the middle of nowhere'. I've been married to my hubs (the Brainy Guy) for over 20 years and am Mom to a trio of amazing girls (plus one dog-baby). I love marketing, iPhone photography, low-carb cooking, and *confession* am a complete Social Media junkie who quite possibly requires therapy for my Instagram addiction. I'm also a 5′-nothing shortie who often laughs inappropriately, and a self-proclaimed ‘Brainy Gal‘.

I share goofy stuff about my V.A. lifestyle and family right alongside the tips and info I send out to hundreds of Virtual Assistants every week! Want in? Just hit the button below!



  • Instagram Food Accounts (Especially LOW CARB and KETO)
  • Good Strong Coffee and Red Wine
  • True Crime TV and Podcasts
  • 80s and 90s Music
  • Decorating and Organizing!
  • iPhone photography

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