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Over the last 9+ years, I have connected with MANY Virtual Assistants at all levels of creating a V.A. Business. Some have flopped and 'virtually' disappeared from the industry. Others have become super success stories, growing 6 Figure practices, and KILLING it in the online world. What did they do differently?

Here are 10 Things Successful Virtual Assistants Do Daily:

1. Have a Plan

The most successful Virtual Assistants I know don't jump into their day willy nilly wondering what they'll work on first, how they'll spend their lunch hour, and which project they'll 'feel like' working on. They start each morning by deciding on priorities, reviewing deadlines, and building a solid plan for the best way to spend their time.

2. Work on Their Own business (Not Just for Clients)

You might think the highest paid Virtual Assistants spend all their time doing client work...after all...that's what we get paid for! But the biggest players in the V.A. world know that it's very important to work on growing their own businesses too! I recommend you spend at least 2-3 hours per day on tasks that market, promote, or take your own business to the next level.

3.  Maximize Energy

How do you do it? Eat healthy food that really fuels you, exercise daily, and limit stress. It's easy to experiment with this tip: Go ahead and eat a box of donuts for breakfast and see how productive you become around 3 pm. I'm joking, of course (please do NOT eat a box of donuts...LOL). But you might easily notice that when your diet becomes a hot mess or you're not moving enough...your productivity totally tanks too.

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4. Tackle the Tough Things First

If you've ever had a project or task you hate doing...or one that seems too hard...you might be tempted to procrastinate and leave it to the very end of your day. One of the problems with that is you then have the daunting task hanging over your head all day long, nagging at the back of your mind and putting you in a crummy mood. If you finish your biggest, most difficult task first thing in the day...you'll be able to carry that sense of accomplishment with you all day long! Plus you'll likely do a better job with it when you're fresh and rested at the start of your day.

5. Take Breaks

I can't stress this enough. It feels counter-intuitive to stop working but it has been scientifically proven that taking a breather can make you happier, more focused AND more productive. Just do it.

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6. Take Consistent Action Towards a Goal

I know that sounds sooooo obvious! But over the years I've witnessed time and time again, new Virtual Assistants who have AMAZING ideas for their business...but never take action towards making them happen. I get it, it's fun to dream big, but hoping or wishing for something doesn't make it come true. You need to take daily action steps towards your goals even on the days you don't feel like it!

7. Batch Time

We've all fallen into time-sucking traps. Things like Social Media (caught up for hours spying on an ex?) or Games (Candy Crush, anyone?). Or even mindless web-surfing. The most successful entrepreneurs I know, batch time to make sure they are allowing enough hours for client tasks, marketing and yes, even social media time.

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8. Delegate

When I use the word 'delegate' I picture everyone cringing. You're probably thinking I'm going to tell you to farm out the tasks you don't like by hiring a bookkeeper, a business manager, and an Assistant. Cha-ching! Yup, those things can add up! But I'll be honest here...most of us in the V.A. industry are women and many of us tend to take on MORE than our fair share of cooking, cleaning, and child-rearing. So when I say 'delegate' I mean...get your kids unloading the dishwasher. Have hubby cook dinner a few nights a week. Even a few hours of 'tasks' you can outsource will buy you more time to work on your successful Virtual Assistance business!

9. Believe in Yourself

I struggle with this SO much. Maybe you do too. In every job, in every industry, everywhere in the world there are going to be people who 'doubt' you. You MUST believe in yourself and have faith that YOU CAN DO THIS. We've all heard the story of J.K. Rowling being turned down 12 TIMES by publishers before someone agreed to publish "Harry Potter". Be like J.K. Don't let the nay-sayers shake your confidence. You can and you will be a successful Virtual Assistant.

10. Learn, Learn and Learn some more

Virtual Assistance is not the kind of career where you learn something once and you're all set. Technology changes daily. Business best practices change all the time. The best V.A.s know that to be successful, you ALWAYS need to be learning. I am almost always enrolled in an online course, working with a coach, or reading something to help me with my business.


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