Stand Out from the Crowd of Virtual Assistants

In case you were wondering, YES...there are a lot of Virtual Assistants out there. That's actually a good thing because online businesses are popping up by the gazillions and most of them need US to help them.

The downside?  Lots of Virtual Assistants means lots of competition.  How will YOU stand out, be found (and chosen) by the gazillions of clients who need you?

There are essentially, FOUR ways you can stick out from the crowd, get noticed and get hired. Interested to learn what they are? Read on...

  1.  Marketing:  It sounds so simple but it's so very true.  You could be the absolute best V.A. in the entire universe but unless you know how to market...no one will ever be able to find you. The good news?  Marketing is learn-a-ble!  And, dare I say, the MOST important skill you can have as a Virtual Assistant.  So if needed, invest in learning about online marketing and watch your business boom.
  2. Skills:  Skills matter.  You stand out from other Virtual Assistants by having more (or less) or different skills than other Virtual Assistants. The trick is staying on top of the right skillsets in a crazy-fast changing online world.   Keep in mind that no Virtual Assistant knows everything and you don't have to...some Virtual Assistants have even built their entire business around just ONE skill.  My advice?  Stick to the skills your ideal clients are asking for AND the skills that you ENJOY the most. Become an expert in a handful of things in demand and forget about trying to do everything.
  3. Experience:  This is perhaps the one area of 'standing out' that you can't really control.  If you're a newbie V.A. you are starting at the beginning and will have less experience than others. Don't fret - use it to your advantage! Perhaps you can make up for a lack of experience by offering a great price. Maybe you can bring a fresh, innovative way of doing things in someone's business and aren't stuck in the 'tired' old ways.  Ultimately, clients want to work with someone they LIKE and TRUST.  If experience isn't your best quality, use your personality or mad VA skills to get hired instead.
  4. Talent: While you can't really change your natural talents, you CAN play up the ones that serve you best.  Are you a naturally great writer?  Maybe blogging is your way to stand out.  Do you get lots of compliments on your artistic abilities?  Perhaps designing great visual posts is your ticket to client-ville. Maybe you're a great conversationalist and your best way to stand out is to get clients on the phone and chat.  Whatever your personal talents are - use what you've got and don't try to 'copy' or imitate what other VA's are doing to get clients.

This is your time to SHINE and get noticed as a Virtual Assistant.  Pay attention and invest in your skills.  Use creative ways to gain experience.  Work with your natural talents, interests and abilities and market yourself to VA success.  


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