Virtual Assistant enjoying summer

With the kiddos finally off school, the pool open, and the weather seriously stankin’ hot… your business mindset is bound to change.

Summer conjures up a longing to spend hours lounging on the porch sipping lemonade and reading trashy chick-lit.  It can be tough to crank the A/C, sit your butt down in that office chair and grow your Virtual Assistance Business.   Not to mention the fact that many clients are taking holidays and slowing down THEIR businesses – Which brings us to today’s post:

5 Ways to Grow Your Virtual Assistant Practice Over the Summer:

1.  Put Your Social Media on Auto-Pilot.  Use a Social Media scheduler.  There are many to choose from including HootsuiteTailwind or MeetEdgar .  Connect your social media networks and pre-schedule updates for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.  You keep your fans and followers updated and your social media accounts spinning out great content – all while you’re on vacation!

2.  Use ‘slow periods’ to re-vamp your marketing.  Does your website need some updating?  Haven’t changed your Linkedin profile since you got it?  Business cards looking a little tired? Summer is the perfect time to have a look at your online profile and tweak your brand.  Spend a little time polishing up your marketing materials.

3.  Catch up on your reading – business books that is!  What better time to purchase some V.A. ebooks or self-study courses and hit the beach with them loaded onto your reader?  You will be harnessing new skills to apply to your business while relaxing in the sunshine – all at the same time.

4.  Work on a product or program.  Have you been toying with the idea of writing a book or creating a training program for your clients?  The summer slow-down is the perfect time to get your butt in gear and crank it out, sister.  Better yet – you can drag your laptop outside and be inspired by beautiful weather while you do it.

5.  Take a break!  Don’t forget to take time off.  Sometimes rest and a break from phones, ipads, laptops, and technology, in general, is just what your business craves. Spend time reminding your family how much fun you are and enjoying life.  Re-charge your batteries now, so you can be even more awesome later.


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