Virtual Assistant using Social Media Marketing

Let me start by saying this:  Finding clients for your Virtual Assistance Business is hard. I'm kind of sick of the B.S. in the online world where every Virtual Assistant who ever lived is trying to sell you something and telling you they filled their business within a couple of weeks (to 6-figures, no doubt).  It's easy to 'hide' on the internet and say whatever you want.

Yet seeing those kinds of posts (that are meant to make you buy something from someone) can leave you feeling crappy and wondering why YOU haven't found any clients yet. 

I have been a Virtual Assistant for 11 years and I will tell it as I see it:  It usually takes much longer than that to fill your V.A. Practice with clients.  So if you've been struggling, you need to know you're NORMAL.

That said...I wanted to share some tips for finding clients on Social Media because I see a lot of newbie V.A.s making some rookie mistakes, and I'm here to share what's worked better for myself and my clients.

  • Make Friends. You've probably heard this one before...that social media is for being social. It's not the best place to constantly pitch and advertise your business. Think about how you feel when you get loads of marketing ads from someone...it usually ends up with you un-following them in a hurry! Use social media to build relationships with people and they are far more likely to hire you or recommend you when they or someone they know needs a Virtual Assistant.
  • Join Groups. Think about who you want to serve, as a Virtual Assistant, and then hang-out where they hang-out. For example: If you want to work with female entrepreneurs, then join Facebook Groups for women in business, follow Instagram hashtags like #girlboss or #mompreneur, connect with women on LinkedIn who are in business for themselves. Then interact in those groups, comment, like, ask questions and share advice DAILY.
  • Reach Out With Something Helpful. It's easy to sit back, cross your fingers, and hope that clients will somehow find you. But it's far more effective to reach out to them and invite them to have a free taste of what you have to offer. This can be as simple as offering them some great advice when they have a problem, inviting them to download a tip sheet or ebook, or letting them know about a free class you're hosting that might benefit them.
  • Don't Just Scout for Clients...Look for Referral Partners. This tip is such a biggie: You don't necessarily have to connect with potential clients on Social Media...you can also make friends with people who can REFER you to clients. For example, other Virtual Assistants who offer different services than you or perhaps a copywriter who works with online business owners who could start to refer your V.A. services.
  • Think About WHY People Follow You and Give Them MORE of THAT. Do you have something they want? Do you post things that interest them? (ie: recipes, tips, resources, outfit ideas, inspiring quotes, etc?) The main reason people will follow you on Social Media is that they WANT or NEED something from what you are sharing. Consider posting things that serve potential clients. Show how you can help them, be entertaining, and helpful whenever possible.


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