A Successful Virtual Assistant

As someone who's worked as a coach and mentor to Virtual Assistants since 2011...I've come to know that there are certain traits and characteristics that separate the most successful, money-making Virtual Assistants from those who simply flounder and fail.

Wondering if you've got 'the right stuff' to make it as a big-wig in the world of Virtual Assistance?  Below you'll see exactly what those traits are along with how YOU can implement them to become an excellent Virtual Assistant.  Here we go:

  1.  THEY HAVE PASSION, BABY.  You cannot become a Virtual Assistant because you don't want to work or because you hate your current job.  I promise you, your business will never take off.  You need to actually LOVE and have loads of fun running your own business.  You need to regularly tap into that dizzying excitement.  You need to feel a little thrill every time you think about your Virtual Assistance Business.  This doesn't mean you have to love EVERYTHING about running your business (lawd...I cannot even begin to describe how much I loathe bookkeeping) but in general, you have to be able to tab into some happy feelings and get jazzed when you're working on your business.
  2. THEY ARE WILLING TO WORK HARD.  I have a pet peeve.  It's those so-called business coaches out there who claim to have built 7-figure businesses while working only a few hours a week.  It's B.S.  I know it.  You know it.  We all know it.  If something sounds too good to be true?  It most definitely is!  Every Virtual Assistant I know who's been successful (EVERY single one) has had to work really hard to get there.  That means learning new things, putting in a lot of time, and staying focused when the going gets tough. Believe me when I say - it does get tough sometimes!  But that's exactly why you need that passion (see tip #1).  It's passion PLUS hard work that will pull you through those difficult periods.
  3. THEY TAKE ACTION, ACTION, AND MORE ACTION.  This is likely the most critical thing I can see that separates the successful Virtual Assistants from those who never make it.  You NEED to take action on your business every day.  Some days, you'll just be visioning and generating ideas for your business (Ever notices how ideas seem to FLOW every time you're in the shower?).  But most days, you'll need to be putting those ideas into action. Implementing them, no matter how scared or un-prepared you may feel.  It's common to get stuck trying to make things 'perfect' before we launch them into the world.  But in my personal experience, it's better to get things done and implemented in your business so you can move onto the next idea and action steps quickly.
  4. THEY ARE CONSISTENT AND PERSISTENT.  (I'm a poet and didn't know it).  This is a pretty simple key:  If you work on your business once a month and then give up because you got busy or something got to be hard...you probably won't be very successful. However, if you take small, consistent action on your business every day AND you persist through any problems that jump in your way - you've got a great chance of succeeding!
  5. THEY CONSTANTLY LEARN AND IMPROVE.  You may have noticed that the online world moves FAST...like...we're talking LIGHTNING fast.  A great Virtual Assistant is always learning new things and therefore, constantly improving and upping her game.  You don't need to know everything...and you especially don't need to know everything all at once.  But I can honestly say that there is almost never a month that goes by without me taking some kind of training.  I also don't mean you have to spend a ba-jillion dollars on courses (some pretty good free ones are out there!) but successful Virtual Assistants follow their interests and upgrade their skills all the time.

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