Virtual Assistant Services to Offer Over the Summer

Summer is in full swing and it's always an 'interesting' time of year for Virtual Assistants.  As business owners, clients, and prospects head off for summer vacays, things tend to move a lot slower in the world of online business.

So what does that mean for Virtual Assistants?  On the one hand, we may be able to take a sweet, well-deserved break.  Virtual Assistance can be demanding and we definitely need some sun, relaxation (and a few Margaritas) to recharge for the busy season ahead.

It can ALSO mean, we get busier as our clients off-load some of their business tasks to us while THEY soak up some sun and have some summer fun.  You may be wanting to grab some of that extra work to supplement your income.  If so, why not shoot a quick email to your current clients and let them know how you can help them out?

If you're looking to boost your business and make some moola over the summer, here are 5 services you can offer to clients this summer:

1. Social Media Management

Even though your clients might be pre-writing and scheduling Social Media posts to go out for them while they are on vacation, they will still need to be ENGAGING on social media if they want to keep a strong online presence and build relationships. That's where YOU come in! Your client may not have the time (or the wifi) to be constantly checking social channels to like, comment and interact with followers. Offer to do this for them so they can relax and take a Social Media break while they're away

2. Online Filing

I don't know about you...but my collection of stock photos in Dropbox is a DISASTER. Chances are your clients may have some filing horror stories of their own. Why not offer to clean up their online files while things are slower over the summer? This could be as simple as organizing and archiving documents, images, ideas, etc in places like Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote or whatever your platforms your clients are currently using.

3. Email Management

If you've ever been on vacation and stopped to check your email inbox, then you probably know how disappointing it is to see SCADS of notes you need to respond to or tasks piling up that you'll have to deal with soon! While your clients are chilling poolside, you could offer to manage their email inboxes. Filter them into categories, prioritize what needs to be done when they return, and respond to general inquiries for them. This will make their return from vacation way more manageable for them.

4. Prep for Fall

When business is slower in July/August, it's a perfect time to get planning and prepping for the much busier fall season ahead. Propose to your clients doing some research for them or pre-scheduling for them. You could brainstorm lists of blog topics or even pre-write some posts. Create some Social Media posts and pre-schedule for Autumn. For me personally, autumn is often my MOST busy time of year and having some regular, recurring work tasks already done would be super helpful!

5. Help with Vacation Planning

If your clients are headed off to romp around a beach, visit faraway places or check out summer events and festivals, they may be VERY receptive you having you help PLAN their vacation.  You could look into available hotels, book tickets, arrange transportation or even research things to see and do for them.  


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