A shy Virtual Assistant

If you are a business owner, especially in the early stages, you are going to have to wear many hats:

Virtual Assistant is a CEO but also the Bookkeeper, the Marketing Department, the Admin, the Sales Team, and yes, even the Cleaning Staff.

Given that there are so many roles to play, It’s certain that there are at least one or two tasks that you aren’t particularly good at – or don’t particularly enjoy.  For me, it’s sales calls.

When I started my Virtual Assistance practice I DREADED doing client consultations.  It wasn’t because I doubted my skills as a V.A. (I know I’m good) – it was mostly because I am shy and insecure…and selling myself to clients over the phone was something I had never done before.   I loathe having to answer certain ridiculous interview-style questions on the spot! So the inner critic who lives in my brain was telling me I sucked at these calls.  Every time I scheduled a consultation – I ended up stressing instead of impressing.  I would actually start to get nervous DAYS before the call!

It’s hard for my brain to believe that that was over 9 years ago!  These days, I’m far better at Sales Calls…in fact, I can close the sale and sign on the new client almost every time I do one.  I’ve developed some tips that may help you do it too:

  1.  Anticipate what will happen on the call. 

    Have answers ready to the most probable questions (ie: What are your rates?) and also have QUESTIONS ready that you can ask the potential client (ie: What do you hope to achieve by working with a V.A.?)  The more calls you do…the better prepared you will become

  2. Practice.
    Definitely practice speaking confidently about those questions you anticipate…but also…do LOTS of consultations.  Even if you don’t necessarily want to work with a particular client, it doesn’t hurt to do a consult with them.  Practice makes perfect and every call gets easier
  3. Get comfy with the idea that you will fail.  Hear me loud and clear…it’s not that you MIGHT fail on some calls…you WILL fail on some calls.  Expect it and don’t sweat it.  Every call you do, whether you win or lose the client, will make you better.
  4. Channel your inner actress.  Even if you don’t FEEL like you’re good at sales, you can fake it until you make it.  (I have a great story and tip from Beyonce in my online course for exactly how to do this)
  5. Realize you’re going to LEARN something from every single call.  In fact, you’ll probably learn a lot more from the calls that suck.  And if you’re learning and improving every time?  Then it’s never a waste of time.

It took me a lot of time, and a lot of practice…but I truly did teach myself how to get over shyness and sign the client almost every time I did a call. Shy about consultation calls?  Give my tips a try and let me know how it works for you!


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