A Virtual Assistant Mom with Baby Working From Home

This week I want to give you guys a VERY real glimpse into the life of a Virtual Assistant.  This is more or less a behind-the-scenes peek into a typical day over here at the Brainy Gal with Lisa McDonell Central.  I promise...this isn't sugar-coated nor boastful.  Just a completely transparent look into what a typical day is like running a Virtual Assistance Business!

6am - My 1990's alarm clock plays Sunrise by Norah Jones.  (It's particularly hard to get up because I haven't slept well thinking about a HUGE client project that I'm not sure how I will tackle.) Wake up 3 kids...make 3 breakfasts...and pack three lunches.  Kiddo number two has a melt-down because kiddo number 3 is copying her.  Kiddo number 1 freaks out that I haven't paid her online soccer fees that are due today.

6:30am - I'm online paying Kiddo #1 soccer fees. There is some cur-fuffle in the background as kiddos don't know what to wear in terms of a coat.  This time of year the mornings are cold...but the afternoons get pretty hot.

7am - Kids are out the door and off to school.  Best moment of my day when I pour my first coffee and spend 45 minutes on social media and going over my calendar.  I'll be honest:  I read and browse email/facebook/instagram/pinterest (yep - I waste time) but I also check my business posts, review and update my planner, respond to email and add new content...so feel like I'm getting *something* productive done.

7:45am - Get dressed for my day...throw load of laundry in.

8am -  I'm in my home office starting client work.  Today I have several projects on the go.  One client needs a handout created for an event they are having TOMORROW.  So this is my first priority to knock off the to-do list.

10am - Finished my priority task so I spend a few minutes on marketing for my own business:  Create two new Pinterest pins, one facebook image and post all.  Start writing blog that needs to go out this week.  Not feelin' it today so save what I have in draft and get back to client tasks...

11am - I have a meeting with a client via Skype to discuss a new project: creating a website for a catering company.  It's a big job that will take a lot of time, however the client requests I have a rough outline of the site up within 48 hours.  Checking my planner - I'm fairly certain I can get a few pages up by then.

12noon - Lunch break!  I do the same thing almost every day, grab food that takes no more than 5-10 minutes to make and while I'm eating, check my email and social media accounts.  Respond to any comments or urgent emails. Move laundry from washer to dryer and fold/put away one load.  Then 30 minute walk while listening to a podcast.  (Today's episode happens to be about doubling your Instagram following in one month).  Basically lunch is cramming food, laundry, exercise and learning into one blessed hour every day...LOL.

1pm - I'm back at the desk doing client tasks.  The deadline for these is Friday which is still two-days away but I like to be ahead of things if I can.  I'm scheduling a month of social media posts for a client using MeetEdgar.  And creating a monthly newsletter for another client.  Both of these tasks are fairly straightforward for me and I anticipate being able to finish them fast and get a jump on that big website

2:30pm - BAM.  One of those 'desperate' emails hits my inbox.  A client is upset that their website is not posting a certain section properly on Mobile view (basically...her price list isn't showing up on phones).  THESE...my friends...THESE are the tasks that keep Virtual Assistants on their toes.  It's a glitch into my schedule that makes that little muscle in the back of my neck start to ache.  It's a 'drop-everything and spend two hours trying to figure out what the heck is wrong while you become best friends with the support staff at the helpdesk' moment.

3pm - The kids arrive home from school.  As I'm knee-deep in help-desk hell they insist on showing me a video that "totally reminds them of me!"  I watch it.  It's a mom yelling at her kids to flush the toilet.  Yup..totally me.  Also note that once the kids arrive home from school...there is a noticeable decline in my internet speed.  Several times I shout "Please don't watch videos on the internet until I'm done my client work" and several times all three kids yell back "It's not me!"

4pm - Glitching client website has been fixed across all mobile devices!  All 'urgent' client work has been completed.  It's the end of my Virtual Assistant workday and time to kick it into 'chef' mode and get dinner on the table.

5pm - We eat!  As a family...at the table...no devices.  That's my rules.

7-8:30pm:  This particular night one kiddo has soccer practice and needs a drive there...and back.  I have a yoga class (scratch that...had to cancel) because there is an info session at the high school for a trip my daughter wants to attend. Kiddo number 3 has the night off.  Hubs takes on dinner cleanup duties. I squeeze shower in before...

9pm - Hello, my old friend Netflix.  We get an hour of un-interrupted time together.  You entertain me with your wonderful shows and I try not to eat snacks for an hour.

10pm - Bedtime for the Brainy Gal. (Must also read something to help me off to sleep) 'Nite!


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