The Brainy Gal Virtual Assistant Cartoon

When I started my Virtual Assistance business, I had NO intention of using my own photo on my website. I wanted to comfortably hide behind my computer. Instead, I chose a ‘brainy gal’ cartoon character and used HER headshot... for everything from my ‘About Me’ page to my social media accounts.

Then came the fateful day a potential client asked to meet in person at a coffee shop.  I was excited to go...but I had to say “You’ll have no trouble finding me - I’ll be the cartoon character in the suit”.

This,  right here, is reason number ONE to always use a ‘real’ photo of yourself on your website and social accounts.  You WANT people to be able to recognize you at meetings, live events or online.

Reason Number TWO to always use an actual photograph of you:  The 'Know, Like and Trust Factor'.  In short - people want to hire a Virtual Assistant whom they feel they know, like and trust. Having a REAL,  smiling pic of yourself on your website helps your viewers get there!  On the flip side, having a cartoon character as your profile pic leaves your visitors feeling a little lost and skeptical, wondering who might REALLY be behind this website.  

If you don’t believe me you can try it yourself right now: Check out some Virtual Assistant websites... go on, do it now! 

  • What happens when all you see is a logo or cartoon and no picture of the Virtual Assistant?  Do you feel like you might want to be friends with them?  Do you think it would be fun to hang out with them?  Do you want to hire this person? Do you want to buy stuff from them? Heck - NO!
  • What happens when there is a smiling picture of an actual person on their website?  Do you feel like you're already starting to get to them a little bit?  Feel like maybe you trust them a little more?  Exactly.

A few tips on choosing your profile picture:

  • The picture you choose needs to be professional LOOKING but doesn't need to come from a professional photographer.  (I’ll tell you a dirty little secret - my photo is not professional - my sister snapped it at a wedding shower!)
  • Understand that ‘professional looking’ doesn’t necessarily mean you need to wear a business suit or put on a serious face.  It simply means the shot should be current, crystal clear, flattering, well-litand all that jazz.   Having a blurry, dark, ancient, or downright scary looking mug shot isn’t gonna make clients want to work with you.
  • The photo also has to reflect YOUR personality.  If you like to keep things super-professional then business attire is perfect!  If you have a cutting sense of humour then a more playful photo might be entirely appropriate for your site.  Your photo gives your clients a sense of what you might be like to work with...so keep it real and in tune with your personality!

If you haven’t got one already - make it a priority this week to get YOUR photo onto your website!


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