Virtual Assistant Consulting

If you've had any amount of success as a Virtual Assistant then you've probably noticed something interesting:  Lots of people want to know how you did it.

I get multiple requests per week from men and women who are 'Looking to Start a Virtual Assistance Business"  I'm asked to answer a few email questions or hop on the phone so they can pick my brain and give advice to them for free.  (It's to be expected, of course, who wouldn't want to earn good money working from home on their own terms?)

But here's the kicker:  Your KNOWLEDGE is valuable.  The things you've learned and experienced took you TIME and MONEY to figure out...and you should never give that knowledge away for free.

Hear me loud and clear:  If you are going to hop on the phone to answer someone's questions about how to become a Virtual can charge money for that service.  It's called 'Consulting' and professionals should expect to be charged for a good consultant's time.

Adding 'Consulting' as one of your services (even if it's not listed on your website) is an easy way to add another income stream to your business. If someone is REALLY serious about starting up a Virtual Assistance business...they shouldn't hesitate to pay for excellent advice.

The bigger you grow your company and the longer you are in business, the MORE people will crawl out of the woodwork asking for free tips and advice.  You will, eventually, completely run out of time to deal with all the requests. Having a 'Consulting Fee' will ensure that only those who are drop-dead serious will book a time to work with you and if you choose to spend a half-hour or so giving away will be paid for your time.

Never underestimate how valuable your business knowledge is...offer it up to people as a paid service and bring that extra income stream into your business today.



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