Virtual Assistant Building a Website

I've been coaching Virtual Assistants for 9+ years, and one of the questions I get asked A LOT is:

"Who should I get to build my website?"

My answer is simple:  YOU should TOTALLY build your website yourself. 

I know...I know. The thought of building a website terrifies some people with thoughts of crazy, complex custom coding nightmares.  But hear me out:  It's actually pretty easy to build a simple website these days.

There are some nifty drag-and-drop website builders out there that allow almost anyone to create a simple website in less than a day.  Better still?  Most of them are fairly inexpensive!  You don't need to know HTML or Custom CSS coding and you can have a pretty snazzy custom-designed website working for your business in no time.  A website that matches your brand and your own special personality.

"But I heard drag-and-drop builders don't let you customize much and suck for SEO?" 

The truth is, you can always hire help for a shoobie-doo-ah website later down the road.  Once you're making some moola and ready to GO BIG - you may want to bring people on board to add some special bells and whistles to your site...but in the early stages of your business...a lot of those things aren't necessary. When you're starting out - the experience of designing your own site and creating a cool brand and a place for clients to learn about and contact you is the most important thing.

"But I don't want to build my own my website...can't I hire a Web Designer?" you ask.

Sure you can always hire someone else to do the site for you.  But here's why I don't recommend it at the start of your business:

  • Custom designed websites are pricey, 'yo!  Before you have clients or a regular income, money can be tight and in my opinion, it's not necessary to spend it on a fancy $3000 website.  Better to invest in a kick-ass computer or software programs you can use to market your business right away and build a simple, effective website yourself.
  • You will likely need to make a LOT of changes.  Imagine spending that THREE GRAND on a gorgeous website...only to realize a month later that you need to add a couple of new services and change the business phone number.  Guess what?  You'll have to call your expensive web designer to make those edits for you! Cha-ching!!! Can you see how being able to make simple edits to your own site is totally worth it?  If you build can easily edit it.
  • You can offer Websites as a SERVICE. Every single one of your clients will have a website. If you build your own website, you'll have *some* experience with at least one website building software.  You can then offer simple websites or sales pages to your clients or offer website maintenance to others who may be using the same software as you.
  • With website building programs that are super-easy to use, offer amazing support, and create professional and beautiful websites...there's no reason not to give it a try yourself!  If you can create a PowerPoint can create a pretty cute website.

Happy website designing :)


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