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Let's be clear:  You don't HAVE TO do anything.  But when it comes to writing a blog for your Virtual Assistance biz?  Here's why you may want to consider it:

Quite often during my private coaching sessions with Virtual Assistants, I get asked:

"Do I have to write a blog???  Even if I reeeaaalllly hate blogging?"

I gotta be honest with you, there are many ways in which having a blog can help Virtual Assistants ramp up their businesses:

  • It can help boost your status as an 'expert' by showing others what a smarty-pants you are
  • It showcases your writing, editing, grammar, and proofing skills to potential clients
  • Regular blog posts help boost SEO so your website gets more eyes on it
  • After some time, your blog archive will contain a multitude of great articles written by you that you can then turn into a book or info product to SELL
  • A blog helps keep your 'tribe' of potential customers helps potential clients 'get to know you'
  • Your blog articles can be shared around on Social Media pretty easily - and help you attract NEW followers and clients
  • Last but not least...if you practice blogging regularly, you eventually get really good at it and can add 'blogging' or 'blog support' to your list of Virtual Assistant Services!

But if you REEEALLLLLLY  hate writing...if, in fact, your writing actually SUCKS...what then?  Is a blog still worth it?

I say YES.  But you don't have to ''write' much (or anything) if you don't want to.

A blog doesn't have to be 'an article'.  It doesn't have to be any particular length.  It also doesn't have to be about 'business-y' or professional things.  Try fooling around with a few other ways to add a cool blog to your website.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Consider writing just one short paragraph...even one or two sentences instead of lengthy articles
  • Post a 'video blog' or a podcast instead - no writing required!
  • Try using a picture with a short caption instead of writing anything longer
  • Give a quick tip that your ideal client would be interested in hearing about
  • Write about something FUN that interests YOU.  (I'm not kidding...I have blogged about soccer games, snowboarding, a broken toe, vacations, my kids, my messy get the picture) Consider these types of blog posts the ones that build the know, like and trust.
  • Interview someone.  Ask a handful of interesting questions and have THEM write their answers for you
  • Get other people to 'guest-post' on your blog



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