Successful Virtual Assistant

I'm often asked by women if they can really make a living working from home as a Virtual Assistant.  They usually tell me about their past careers, education, and skills.  They want to know if their particular concoction of work + life experience will make them a successful Virtual Assistant.

Here's the truth:

I don't know.

Honestly?  Any person from any background with any amount of experience can become a successful Virtual Assistant or be a crap Virtual Assistant. A good Virtual Assistant is one who is:

  • Willing to work their butt off
  • Learns what they need to learn
  • Does whatever it takes

A successful Virtual Assistant knows how to stare fear in the face and bring it down like a warrior princess in the fight of her life.

I learned this from my own experience becoming a Virtual Assistant:

  • When I started my journey into this business in 2011 I didn't have a Marketing background - but I studied everything I could get my hands on and still do.
  • I used to laugh about how 'un-techie' I was (I dreaded a power outage because I couldn't even change the time on my alarm clock) but I took training to learn what I needed to know as I went (and, once again, I still take training all the time)
  •  The first website I built for myself was the result of many coffee-fueled nights, outbursts of real tears and multiple hand slaps to my forehead.  Still, I cranked out a crappy little site and did my best to promote it.
  • I took my first client at the ridiculously low price of $10 per hour.  I also worked my ass off on nights and weekends to make sure he was beyond happy with the work I did.
  • Sometimes I ran out of time to cook.  I fed my kids cold cereal for supper and they fact, they thought it was awesome.
  • Once I bought packages of new socks for everyone instead of doing laundry because I just didn't have time.
  • I often wondered if it might be easier to become something like - oh, I dunno - a BRAIN SURGEON than to figure out how to be a successful entrepreneur.  But I figured it out...practice makes perfect!

At the end of the's not your previous skills, experience, life, or back-story that will determine your success.  It's what you're willing to do starting today and moving forward.  It's not easy.  But can you become a successful Virtual Assistant? Absolutely.


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