Various Ways a Virtual Assistant can dress

One of the 'perks' of becoming a Virtual Assistant is the realization that you can wear whatever the hell you want.  

But if you're not careful...it's easy to fall into the trap of hanging out all day in pajamas or rocking the track pant/ponytail uniform day, after day, after day.  While this can sometimes feel luxuriously comfy and rebellious...it can also start to feel downright depressing.  

I'm one of those people who HAVE TO get dressed every day...and usually spend at least 5 mins doing my hair and makeup.  It's not hours of blow drying and perfectly drawn winged eyeliner but more of a quick 'good-enough' primp session.  

Here's why I do it (and maybe you would like to try it too).

  1.  As a Virtual Assistant, YOU are the brand.  Cereal companies pay graphics people big bucks to make their boxes and packaging look fabulous.  As a V.A. you are, essentially, the product.  So if you plan to spend ANY time at all outside of the house (grabbing groceries, driving kiddos to school, cheering your son's soccer team, answering the door to a delivery guy) then you are PRESENTING your brand to all who see you.  Make sure you leave the impression you want for your business.
  2. Feeling great gives you confidence.  If working in PJ's is your jam...go for it!  However, often when we schlep on some ratty old outfit we feel less than our best. Guess what?  That feeling translates into your voice when you talk to clients and even into your work effort sometimes.  Have you ever noticed that when you are wearing something you love, you act with more confidence and feel happier all day?  Take that into consideration when getting dressed for work.  Have a big consultation call?  Maybe getting duded-up in your fave outfit will give you the boost you need to nail that call and sign that client.
  3. Impromptu Skype meeting.  Ever had a client or prospect Skype you unexpectedly during the day?  'Nuff said.
  4. Getting dressed helps define your workday.  Working from home can be TOUGH.  While some people set strict work/non-work hours...others squeeze in time for projects at all kinds of crazy hours day and night.  I find that having coffee in PJ's or watching late-night TV in my yoga pants makes me feel relaxed and helps to define my personal time from my work time.

A quick word on 'not judging by appearances'.  Whether we like it or not...we are built as human beings to judge on how something looks.  It's built into our DNA.  And it's there for a reason:  it helps the human race survive!  We are naturally attracted to people who look healthy and well-kept.  Throughout the history of life...this ensures that we mate and breed to create 'healthy' offspring.

I am not suggesting that we need to buy business suits and heels or look like super-models or spend hours in a salon getting lash extensions and fancy mani's.  However, I do urge you to try 'getting dressed' for your workday and see what you think!  Does it help you be happier and more productive?  


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