Virtual Assistant Business Brand Colors

Do you think the colors you select for your Virtual Assistant Business brand make any difference?  You bet they do!   Stop for a moment and think about the company UPS.  Did you just picture brown?  (Probably brown trucks with brown Bermuda shorts on the driver, right?)  The point is, your business can become known for its color scheme and it can also have a big effect on the way people perceive your company.  

So what does your color pallet say about you and your business?


You are:   Pure, Simple, Classic, Flawless, Clean and Innocent.  
But be careful – that's mostly the way the ‘Western’ world sees white.  In the middle East white is thought to symbolize death or mourning! Not exactly how you want to represent your company.


You are:  Serious, Stong, Authoritative, Powerful, Elegant, Bold, Compelling and Talented.  
Go easy if you’re using black – Too much can signify darkness, evil, or death.


You are: Passionate, Dangerous, Exciting, Erotic, Hot.  
Red grabs attention – but not always in a good way!  Red can also create a feeling of anxiety or a sense of urgency in the viewer.


You are:  Vibrant, Playful, Cheerul, Energetic and Flirty.  
Orange has also been known to increase metabolism and create a feeling of hunger and is often used by the food industry.


You are:   Natural, Healthy, Legitimate, Young, Fresh, Wealthy.  
Actually, only a dark forest green represents wealth.  Lighter greens tend to indicate nature.


You are: Blessed, Aristocratic, Superior, Wise.  
Purple makes people feel like celebrating.


You are:  Loyal, Peaceful, Conservative and Well liked.  
Blue is often considered the safest color for business.  The company IBM is often called “Big Blue” because of their branding.


You are: Optimistic, Happy, Joyful, Bright and Confident.  
Caution against using too much bright yellow – it can be hard on the eyes.


You are: Youthful and Fun (if it’s hot pink) Romantic and Sensitive (if it’s light pink)  
Careful – like it or not – pink usually implies that this business is ‘for girls’ only.


You are:  Simple, Durable, Stable, Reliable and easy to get along with.  
Is it any wonder UPS chose Brown?

So what does my website say about me?  Apparently that I’m complex, imaginative, original, and that I drive myself hard.  Things I would mostly agree with!  

Have fun playing with color in your Virtual Assistance business branding!


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