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This week I noticed an interesting drama unfolding in some of my social media feeds involving two big business coaches. Let's just call them 'Coach A'  and 'Coach B'.

Coach A made the bold statement that "Webinars are dead".

He implied that people aren't listening, don't care, and are tired of the whole "come to my free webinar" marketing schtick.  I have to admit, I am somewhat inclined to agree...from my own personal experience, I rarely sign up for a free webinar nor attend one and I do tend to get tired of seeing them advertised over and over and over again.

However, Coach B was quick to laugh and pointed out, that they themselves made multiple six figures this year - largely from offering free webinars.

So who is right?  Are webinars dead?  Is blogging the better way to go?  Newsletters? Facebook ads?  Podcasts?  Challenges? Instagram?

The choices when it comes to marketing your business...and OMG, the conflicting's all enough to make you crazy. And as a Virtual Assistant working behind the scenes for multiple business owners, you may be surprised to notice that what works for one client...totally tanks for another - making it even more difficult to know what's best for YOUR OWN business?!?!

My advice?  Play to your strengths.

Play with different marketing ideas until you find the one YOU like and excel at.  I truly believe that almost everything works - if it's done well.  And while some of us are artists of the written word, others may take stunning photos.  Maybe you're a whiz in front of a video camera or excel at doing live interviews. Perhaps you are a social media star or have a talent for discovering 'the next big thing'.

The point is, what works for one person...may not work for another.  But if your marketing shiz is good...clients will come.  As a V.A. I have witnessed business owners have marketing success and find new clients in all kinds of different ways: From hosting huge telesummits, from becoming Instagram influencers, from posting raps on Facebook, hosting free webinars,  writing a stellar newsletter or books - you name it - I've seen it work.  AND I've seen it fail.

Try not to get too caught up in the "Should do this...Shouldn't do that" conundrum.  If you play to YOUR OWN strengths, not only will you enjoy your marketing work more, but you will attract the clients who are exactly perfect for YOU.

"...if you find yourself actually anticipating the activity-'When can I do this again?'-it is a pretty good sign that you are enjoying it and that one of your talents is in play.”
Donald O. Clifton, Now, Discover Your Strengths

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