Happy Virtual Assistance Business

Let's face it...deep down, we're not looking for money, love, power, fame, or success...all those things lead to what we're really after: Happiness.

We want to get that 'happy' buzz we assume comes along with those things. Everyone wants to dip their fingers in a heaping bowl of happy and lick them off.

The truth is, 'happy' is available to all of us right now, no matter what our circumstances.

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But in a crazy world of running an online business, parenting our little monsters, workouts, breakouts, and power-outs...it can be tough to find happy.  For many of us 'happy' is something we look forward to in the future while we race through our days trying to get there.

Stop that.

It's time to get happy TODAY!  And the great news is, it's pretty easy to get there.  

Here are 3 Simple Ways to Get Happy Today:

1.  EAT HAPPY.  You already know that the food you stick in your mouth today becomes your hair, your skin, your bones, your blood, and your cells tomorrow.   It also becomes your thoughts and feelings.  Food fuels your mind, emotions, and mood too!  So if you want to get yourself some of that 'happy' feeling, you have to fuel yourself with the right food by noshing whole, healthy foods.  You can feel better like right now, just by drinking a big glass of water or eating a big salad.  Don't believe me? Try it.

2.  MAKE A HAPPY LIST.  I suggest that for ultimate happiness, you keep a journal by and write down 3 things you are grateful for and 1 thing you are proud of (your 'daily brag') every single day. For an instant dose of happy - grab a sheet of paper and write down 10 things you are grateful for right now. Anything at all.  Follow that with 3 brags - things about yourself you would brag about (if bragging were cool).  Keep that list near you today and read over it a few times.  I guarantee you will have a much happier day!

3.  HANG WITH HAPPY PEOPLE.  It has been proven that surrounding yourself with sunny sidekicks and peppy pals can automatically make you happier.  Happy is contagious (and so is gloom). You can probably easily remember a time you hung out with Debbie Downer and left feeling stressed and tired.  Likewise, think about the last time you got together with some of your fave girlfriends and ended up laughing and feeling giddy long after you ended your girl's night out.  Want to plug-in to a little bit of happiness today?  Meet up with the happiest people you know for a coffee break or pick up the phone and chat with your most blissful buddy.  I promise some of their 'happy' will rub off on you.

Busy today?  I totally get it!  We are online entrepreneurs on a mission to build a flourishing biz and be happy all at the same time.  So do yourself a favor and take 4 minutes and 7 seconds to inject a little happy into your day RIGHT NOW.  It's easy -  just click here, and take a listen.  Do a little office chair dancing if you feel like it (and you will).  You're welcome!



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