A couple of years ago I did a major 'geeky' thing by tripping over a stack of printer paper and badly stubbing my toe.  Of course, I immediately hopped around on one foot muttering kid-friendly curse words for a minute...and then I carried on out the door for a jog.

Unfortunately, by the time I got to the track...I could barely walk.  I had to remove my shoe and found my toe turning a pretty shade of purple.  A few hours later I hobbled in to chat with the doctor and discovered I had, indeed, broken my toe.  By the following morning, I had a full-on grotesque looking bruise that made me cringe to look at.  In fact, it was getting kind of fun to watch the looks of horror on my friends and family's faces whenever I showed them my toe.  Which gave me an idea...

When I sat down (with foot up and wrapped in ice pack) to write my weekly newsletter 'The Smart V.A.'  I decided to include a link to my Facebook page with a picture of my broken toe.

Sounds weird, right?

But guess what happened.  The following day I had a significantly larger number of click-throughs than usual.  I also had a larger number of visitors and comments on my Facebook page.  Why? Because everyone went to gawk at my big ugly broken toe!

So what's the point of all this?  I encourage you to HAVE FUN and EXPERIMENT in your marketing efforts.  Try new things when driving traffic to your website and your social media sites.

Marketing your business shouldn't feel like crappy work - it should be fun.

Your clients want good information when they visit your website  but they are also trying to learn something about you.  People tend to hire Virtual Assistants who they know, like, and trust.  By sharing a bit of personal info about yourself you can attract like-minded clients to your website and keep them interested.  Keep these things in mind when creating your marketing plan!

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