Virtual Assistant Business Decisions

It being January there is a lot (I mean a gigantic-cruise-ship-boat-load) of information out there about 'Goal Setting'.

Chances are, you've already started mapping out your New Year's Resolutions and setting some goals,  not only for your life (I WILL lose weight this year!!)

But also for your Business.

If you haven't done so already, you might want to sit down with a calendar, a notebook, and a bunch of colored markers (that's how I do it!) and set a really crystal clear vision of where you want your business to go.

As you move through this year, many opportunities will present themselves.  There will be chances to work with new clients, new marketing paths will emerge and for darn sure, there will be about a million newfangled ideas popping into your head on a weekly basis.  Sometimes it will feel like you're on a game show with the host impatiently tapping his foot and saying:

"What's it gonna be....door number 1...door number 2...or door number 3?"

Which path will you choose?  Which clients will you work with?  How will you balance being a Virtual Assistant with your personal life?  Which ways will you market?

The answer is actually pretty simple:  Whichever path aligns with your Vision.

This is really the only question you need to ask yourself when faced with decisions in business (and in life!)  If your goal is to "Lose Weight" this year and you are faced with a bag of Oreos beckoning you to eat 2 need to ask yourself:

"Does this align with my goal of Losing Weight?".

Similarly, if you are faced with a tough choice in business you can ask yourself the same question:  "Will this activity help me move towards my business goal?  Is it in alignment with my business Vision?"

If the answer is YES - then definitely do it!  If the answer if NO then slam on the brakes and find a different way.  Whatever you do for your biz should align nicely with your goal and keep you moving towards it.

Here's to a very happy and prosperous New Year.



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