Spring Clean Your Virtual Assistant Business


(I say that even though there is 3 feet of snow on the ground here.  I am desperately hoping Mother Nature gets her act together soon.)  

The season of Spring is notoriously associated with a fresh start.  Many of us dive into the act of 'Spring-cleaning', vigorously de-cluttering closets, shining windows, and partaking in that once-a-year scrub under the fridge. Spring is the perfect time of year to do a little tidying up in your business as well. I'm not talking about the kind of business overhaul that requires months of time and oodles of cash to complete - just a handful of simple fixes that will freshen up your Virtual Assistance business and give you a shiny new perspective over the coming months.  Here are 5 simple edits you can make right now to boost your sparkle factor:

1.  Update Social Media Profiles.  When was the last time you added your latest skills and experience to LinkedIn?  Or snazzed up your Instagram bio?  Use this opportunity to fully complete your social media bios and showcase yourself and your business in their best light.  Remember that new clients will check you out online before they decide to give you a call - so it's uber important to keep those social profiles up-to-date and attractive.

2.  Clear the clutter in your inbox.  I have to admit I have become a no mercy un-subscriber to business emails/newsletter this year.  Often when we start our Virtual Assistant businesses we need to learn, and have excess time to read and subscribe to every newsletter on the planet.  But over time we get busier, get smarter, and stop reading the majority of them.  Then we spend at least 5 mins a day (that's almost a half-hour a week!!!) deleting emails that we will likely never read again ('cuz, hey, we might miss something if we unsubscribe!)  Here'a my advice: UNSUBSCRIBE.  Yes, even to mine if you aren't gonna read it.  I won't take it personally :)

3.  Pop in a new profile pic! If your profile pictures still sport that embarrassingly big hair you had in 1985 - it might be time to modernize.  You don't even have to hire a photographer if you don't want to - with smartphones and webcams and the invention of selfie-sticks you can click away until you get a pretty decent photo of yourself.  It won't take long to update the headshot on your website and across your social media platforms for a fresh new look.

4.  Organize your desktop.  This is seriously, so liberating.  I like my desktop to be clear of everything except some pens, a notebook, a pretty desk lamp and chapstick.  (Seriously...that's what I have on my desk this very minute).  The minute it gets more junk piling up I start to feel antsy.  And if a project sends my desk into clutter-overload then I am left feeling clutter-overwhelmed.  Taking everything off my desk and giving it a quick re-organization gives me the warm and fuzzies every time.

5.  Banish the major ICK.  Ok - here's the gross truth:  Desks, Keyboards and cell phones are all dirtier than your toilet.  And most of us NEVER clean them (GUILTY!)  Take this time to airbrush the dirt and dust out of your keyboard and disinfect it with a little rubbing alcohol on a cloth or cotton-tip swab. Banish germs by giving your desk a quick scrub-a-dub....and check your owner's manual to see what cleaners are OK to use on your smartphone. .  Show a little love to your workspace and you will feel a flood of happiness and inspiration the next time you sit down to work.

Have fun and keep it simple (I definitely want you to have time to get outside now that the warm weather is here!)  And enjoy the little boost of productivity that comes with a freshly cleaned business :)


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