Yo – whattup VA’s?

Good morning esteemed associates in Virtual Assistance.

Cheerio jolly good mates!

Today’s post is about using your own voice to market your business.   This is so incredibly important because the fact of the matter is – your ideal client will be attracted to your real voice.   When you are ‘checkin’ out the competition’ by browsing other VA’s websites, it can be tempting to ‘mimic’ their style.  You might even go so far as to pick out certain phrases they’ve used and put them in YOUR marketing …this is a HUGE NO-NO.   (Even I am guilty of wanting to ‘go all Hip Hop’ after watching Marie Forleo ‘do her thang’ OR scream positive and uplifting philosophies for women after watching Rachel Hollis)  Don’t fall into that trap!

You MUST bring your real self into your marketing if you want to attract your real, ideal clients.

  • If you don’t use hard-to-pronounce ‘Big Words’ in your everyday speech, then don’t bother trying to inject them into your website.   It will come across as fake and awkward.
  • If you don’t have ‘gangsta swagger fo’ shizzle’ then drop the act.   You’ll only look like a poser.
  • If you aren’t hip or cool or a fan of loud music then don’t refer to yourself as the “Rock Star VA”.   Your clients will be disappointed when they meet the uncool you and find out that you do anything BUT rock.

Before ever hiring you, a client will probably check out your website.  If they’re really interested they might take a peek at your Facebook and Instagram account too.  The person they see represented is the person they either want to work with or don’t want to work with.  When they meet you  – they are expecting you to be THAT person.  Can you live up to the snazzy vocabulary you’ve chosen for your website?

Don’t be afraid to bring your true voice to your marketing content.  Sit down and write exactly the way you would speak to your best friend – and you will attract the clients that resonate best with the real you!

Peace out, dudes.


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