Find Clients with Public Speaking

I cannot even begin to tell you how often I’m asked the question:

 “How can I find clients for my Virtual Assistant Business?

I have lots of answers to that question, but today I’m going to share just one that is simple and fun and worked wonders building my own Virtual Assistance Practice: Public Speaking.

WAIT! I KNOW YOU JUST THOUGHT “Hellllllll NO!  Public Speaking is NOT for me!”  But don’t stop reading yet…

Public speaking is a fantastic marketing tool to add to your arsenal.  And anyone can do it – seriously – even you ‘n me!

Here’s how I used Speaking Gigs to help me find clients for my business:

Choose a topic that appeals to your ideal client.

The first step is to create a talk that your ideal client wants to listen to.  Want to work with Health and Wellness coaches?  Real Estate Professionals?  Online Business Owners?  What would that group of people totally LOVE to hear about?  Brainstorm a list of ideas, do some research, or reach out to that particular group and ask them what topics they’re most interested in learning about.  Make your speech something juicy that clients would jump at the chance to sign up for!

Decide on a location to give your talk

You can give a speaking presentation just about anywhere.  It can be live in your community, at a Church, a Library, or a Meetup location.  Or it can be online – in the form of a Webinar, or even a free call. Are your ideal clients internet savvy?  Are there enough of them in your community to make a live talk worthwhile? Choosing the best location will depend largely on who your ideal client is. Figure out the best way to reach the most people and get ready to ‘rock your talk’ in the perfect location.

Market the heck out of it

I suggest you spend at least 4-6 weeks marketing and promoting your talk. This is where the ‘client-finding’ potential really kicks in!  Depending on who your target audience is, there are literally hundreds of different ways to promote your speaking gig. Consider a free giveaway for attendees, ask friends/family/referral partners to help you promote, take out ads in publications, or use Social Media.  Consider both traditional marketing tactics and online promotion.  (*Hint*  Be sure to have people sign up for your talk so you can collect their names and email addresses, with their permission, to add them to your list.  Even if they don’t buy your services today…you can maintain contact with them in the future.)

Give your talk…and let them know their next action step

After you’ve given your AMAZING talk, make sure you let your audience know what their next action step should be.  Do you want them to sign up for your newsletter?  Book a consultation with you?  Take advantage of your 10% off sale?  It helps to have some sort of promotion ready, at the end of your speech, when you will plug your services.  Having a special or a free offer can entice your listeners into taking the next step towards working with you!

Speaking will give you massive credibility

Even if no one shows up for your talk…even if it seems to be a complete and utter failure…there is a hidden bonus to public speaking:  It gives you credibility.  Once you start giving talks, you can add “Speaker” to your bio and website.  Potential clients will see that you’ve spoken on a particular subject and automatically assume you must be an expert.  Public Speaking gets your name out there and shows the world that you’re ‘a knowledgeable expert’ at what you do.  Eventually, groups will be asking you to speak for them…and somewhere way down the road, they might even start paying you to speak at their next event!


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