One thing I can guarantee if you are going to be a Virtual Assistant, is that at some time or another you are going to feel completely overwhelmed.  Especially when you are just starting your business.

There are a zillion things to do.  You may have your first client(s) to serve...and sometimes the workload gets heavy. You've also taken on the role of CEO for your own business...but many of us are also the bookkeeper, the receptionist, the accountant, the marketing team, the sales department, and also the janitor.  Not to mention wives/mothers/sisters/daughters and friends.

Overwhelm creeps upon us like a sneaky little be-atch at 3 am or slaps us in the face first thing in the morning when we browse our monster to-do list.  So what can a Virtual Assistant do to tame overwhelm?

First - Deep breaths, sister! Remember that it's completely normal to feel that way and that eventually...it will all get done.  It helps to get everything you need to do down on paper.  Having it swim around in your head is much harder.  So step one: Write it all down

Step two - take one small action. ANY teeny-tiny action step will do.  I've found this to be the very best way to tackle overwhelm.  Even if I only have 5-10 mins to work on something, knocking even one small thing off my task list will start to make me feel better immediately.

You are usually at your highest energy level first thing in the morning so this is the best time to start poking the stick at overwhelm. Some people feel best tackling that BIG project first.  The one that's freaking them out and causing them the most stress and worry.  I find I often prefer to cross 5-10 quick and easy tasks off my list first so I feel like I'm getting shit done and freeing up my afternoon to tackle the biggie stuff. 

Overwhelm hits hardest and hurts the most when we are just sitting there thinking about it. So when it rears it's ugly head...give it a good smackdown and start to feel better immediately by doing one small, do-able action.


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