Plant the Seeds to Make This Your Best Year Yet!

Plant the seeds to make this your best year yet!

It seems like only yesterday we were busy mapping out our 'perfect 2020'...when just a few months in we were ALL hit with a global pandemic to mess with our lives!

The good news?  Most of us are getting used to the 'new normal' and with that in mind, it's the perfect time of year to start planting the seeds for an INCREDIBLE 2021.

Antsy to get started? 

Here are a few steps you can start taking RIGHT NOW to set a solid foundation for the next 12 months...

1.  REFLECT.  Take some time to think about 2020 and make note of the things that 'worked'.  What made you giddy with joy?  What actions brought in money? What experiences made you feel successful?  How can you bring MORE of that into next year? Also, reflect on what DIDN'T work.  These will obviously be things you'll want to avoid for 2021.

2. DREAMSTORM.  It's weird, but most people have a tough time articulating what they really want.  We all say things like 'money, health and happiness' but try to get more specific.  Take some time to Mindmap and list out the things you want to happen in 2021!  They can be big or small.  Consider all areas of your life, relationships, work, health, material things, fun.  At this stage, you don't need to figure out your 'REAL' goals...this is just time to dream and explore what you want. 

3.  START CHOOSING GOALS.  After you've dreamed about everything you want, It's time to narrow things down and start picking some goals for the coming year. Make your goals things that are actually do-able.

4.  BREAK 'EM INTO ACTION STEPS.  Once you've chosen a goal...break it down into smaller action steps.  For example...if one of your goals is to 'Start a Virtual Assistant Business' then some of your action steps may be:  Choose a Business name, get a website ready, Decide what my Services will be, etc.  Every goal you choose should be achievable if you break it down into smaller actions.

5.  PREP FOR SUCCESS!  Now that you've outlined some goals...and listed out some action steps you can prepare for the most successful year ever in 2021.  Start gathering what you need to make it happen! Back to that example of starting a Virtual Assistant Business...prepping for success might mean: Brainstorming ideas for your business name, taking a course on website design, hiring a coach to help you determine your V.A. services, etc.   Get WHAT you need and WHO you need to help you in your corner now.

If you want a fun and easy way to dream up your bucket list, narrow down goals, choose action steps, and map out your dream life and business for 2021 - Check out the Essential Virtual Binder.  It's all of those things and SO MUCH MORE and it's the exact tool I use to set up my year! 


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