Virtual Assistant Hiding From Her Business

If you've been a Virtual Assistant (or any business owner) for any length of time then chances are you've been hit with a case of the 'Business Blahs' now-and-then.

By BLAHS I mean many things - you're feeling tired, frustrated and un-inspired. Maybe you haven't been able to find all the clients you want.  Maybe you're stuck trying to come up with a viable list of services.  Maybe you're completely dried up for marketing ideas and can't think of one damn thing to post about.  Or maybe it's just the colder fall weather and darker, rainy days that's wreaking havoc on your joy.

Whatever is dragging you down and triggering those Virtual Assistant Business Blahs...there are a few ways to snap yourself out of it, girlfriend.  Grab yourself a coffee (and I won't tell if it's wine) and let's figure out how to bring the excitement back to your business.

  • Give yourself permission for a vacay day.  When you're a V.A., taking a day off can trigger all kinds of GUILT.  Instead of enjoying a day off from the grind, we feel like we should be DOING something for our businesses instead. But if you're feeling a total lack of excitement...a day off might be just what the doctor ordered!  Tell yourself it's OK to step away from your desk for the day and use that time off to get re-invigorated.
  • Read something inspiring.  Whether it's the latest business book or a stash of blog posts that sound interesting - take time to read something that gets you excited about going forward.  A book is an AMAZING tool for Virtual Assistants.  You get a lifetime's worth of the author's knowledge for about $15 bucks?  That's a great deal!
  • Hire a coach.  Lots of people think a coach is there to "Tell you what to do".  But nothing could be further from the truth.  A great business coach is really there to keep you accountable, tease your strengths out of you and - ahem - get you inspired and excited to work on your business.
  • Walk and Podcast.  I do this almost daily and I promise's like taking a happiness drug.  Taking time to walk - even if it's just for 30 minutes - gives your brain a burst of endorphins.  And listening to a podcast is like getting a double dose.  Some days I tune in to a business podcast - learning a new tip or tool to try out on my business has me racing back to my desk feeling like I can't wait to get started!  Other days I can't stomach another word about I listen to funny podcasts, story-tellers or Ted Talks on every topic under the sun.  You never know what you might learn or what might get you excited about business again.
  • DON'T CHECK OUT OTHER VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS.  I needed to all-cap that because it's kind of like YELLING.  Please believe me when I say that this is NOT the time to go see what other V.A.s are doing.  Sure - it can be healthy to research the competition.  But resist doing it when you're feeling down-and-out.  Seeing what other Virtual Assistants are doing is not likely to inspire you...but more likely to get you comparing yourself to others and wondering why everyone else seems to be launching effortless, money-making V.A. businesses while you just want to crawl back into bed and hide.
  • Try something new.  Nothing is more inspiring than learning a new tool or skill and then applying it to your business.  If you're bored and frustrated with blogging...why not go learn about marketing on Instagram instead?  Tired of being stuck behind a computer every day?  Give an actual live networking event a try.  When the business blahs hit, strike back by trying something you've never done before and stepping outside of your comfort zone.


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