Make Money as a Virtual Assistant

I've been debating about whether to share this secret on my blog ...actually for years. I think the time is right, so here goes:

I often make more money than my clients.

I've been working as a full-time Virtual Assistant since 2011 (that's over 9 years now!!) and I've had many, many clients come and go over that time. It always surprises me (and I think it would honestly surprise a LOT of people) to know that I often make more money as a Virtual Assistant than some of the clients I'm serving.

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How do I know I make more than some of my clients?

Over the years, I've occasionally been tasked with jobs that require me to see a client's financials...and I've been shocked, to discover that when it comes right down to it...I'm sometimes taking home more moola than the 'Big' clients.

Of course, this is not ALWAYS the case. Sometimes I make WAY less than the people I work for. And sometimes I have no idea what my clients make since I've never had a need to look at their financial info.

I often get asked if you can really 'make a living' as a Virtual Assistant.

This is why I've decided to share this little secret with you today. You may think you need a BIG, famous business with gazillions of followers and social media fame to make decent money. But sometimes those businesses aren't making nearly as much as you might think. Or they make big money, but they also SPEND big money, leaving their profit margin very low.

Our Virtual Assistant Industry sometimes gets treated badly. If you have ever been looked upon as the lowly little servant, doing the menial tasks required by the REAL business owner, then you should know: You may actually be raking in as much (or more) dough than they are. Continue to serve them, and every client with a smile!


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