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For those in the startup phase of their Virtual Assistant Businesses, finding that oh-so-perfect name for your business can be a challenge. We worry.  We think.  We stress.  We think more.  We ask for opinions online.  We ask for opinions from friends. We read-up on what the big business coaches have to say. We need it to be cool and catchy and to tell people what we do.  We need to check trademarks and registries and domains.  We don't want it to be too similar to another VA...but we definitely don't want to be too different from other VA's either. Before we know six weeks have passed and we still haven't committed to the 'perfect' name. The truth is:  Your name is just one teensy-weensy-itsy-bittie-bit of your business.  Does it even matter?  Not that much. doesn't. Which brings me to my BEST TWO TIPS for choosing a business name:

  1.  Choose it fast.  If it takes 6-weeks to pick a name - how long will it take you to come up with a logo?  How long will it take you to commit to a website design?  Puttering around in the startup phase of your business can sometimes be a way to 'stay safe'.  You feel like you're working on your business...but you are avoiding having to do any actual work (like take your first client - gulp - SCARY!).  In the words of business guru Mark Cuban:  "Perfection kills profitability".  Don't get stuck trying to make something 'perfection'.  Sometimes good enough is, well, good enough.
  2. Choose a name that's flexible.  This is my own personal preference which umpteen-million people on the internet will disagree with.  Many people will tell you that you should have the words VA or Virtual Assistant in your business name so that people will know exactly what you do and for SEO purposes.  I disagree only because I have seen dozens of Virtual Assistants over the years shift their roles and become Virtual Consultants, Marketing Consultants, Online Business Managers or specialists in a particular niche.  Just while I have been writing this paragraph I can think of 5 Virtual Assistants who are now business coaches. You may start off as a VA offering general services, but over time you may find yourself falling into a particular niche and inadvertently become a website developer, a social media specialist, a launch support guru, a graphic designer, a content writer, a marketing consultant - it could be ANYTHING.  But guess what?  You will have a hard time marketing yourself as any one of those things if you have the words 'Virtual Assistant' smack dab in the middle of your business name.  On the other hand if your business name is simpler: Say "Lisa McDonell Consulting" for example, it will be easy to morph and shift the focus of your business over time.

Please, please, please don't panic and go through a freak-out re-brand if you already have the words 'Virtual Assistant' as part of your business name!  It's all cool and as I said before, you can pride yourself on having clients know exactly what you do! Perhaps you love being a Virtual Assistant and will be one forever. The truth is...there is no 'perfect' name.  It doesn't even why spend 6 weeks trying to find a name that will please the whole internet?  It's brainier to choose a decent name and move on to more important making money!


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