Top 3 Places to get Images for your Virtual Assistant Business

Virtual Assistant Stock Photography

In today's blog post I'm sharing the TOP 3 PLACES I use to find images for use on my website, social media posts, newsletter and marketing materials. Not only for MY OWN Virtual Assistant Business...but these are great sources to recommend to clients as well!

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Haute Stock

By far, my favorite way to get high-quality images, graphics, mockups, and seasonal photographs is at Haute Stock. These are styled images made especially for women in business and/or lifestyle bloggers and they are GORGEOUS. This is honestly the only source of images that I pay for and it is well worth every penny.

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Listen, I am certainly no photographer and without a doubt, the images I take with my iPhone are nowhere near as beautiful or eye-catching as those purchased at a stock photo company.

But that said, there is a great reason for using your OWN photographs on your blog, website, and social media: Connection with your followers. Visitors to your website aren't that interested in seeing a bunch of stock images...they REALLY want to see you. They want to get to know YOU. So having lower-quality images can be a good thing IF they are helping your tribe get to know you! Plus: you know without a doubt you always have permission to use your own photos without having to buy a license or credit the photographer.

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This is me with my 3 baby girls (who are all getting taller than me!!!)

Remember...clients only hire Virtual Assistants that they feel they know, like and trust! And sharing personal photos can really help with that!


While I prefer really beautiful, well-styled images for my main website and marketing materials, occasionally I like to grab some free images to use here and there as well. My personal TWO favorite sources are Unsplash and Pixabay.

Both sites have fairly decent images that are easy to search for and mostly don't require a license or attribution to the photographer. That said, make sure you read the rules for EVERY free photo you want to use from ANY site. Using images without permission or forgetting to credit the owner when it's required can land you in hot water...I have seen business owners sued for LOTS of cash for making this common mistake!

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