Virtual Assistant Skills That Clients are Looking For

I've been coaching and mentoring Virtual Assistants for many years now and STILL one of the biggest challenges a lot of V.A.s face is not being able to find enough...or ANY clients. This week I want to share WHY I think that is. And I'm going to serve it up truthfully (and maybe sound a little harsh):

Many Virtual Assistants have ZERO in-demand skills.

Sorry...I'm just telling it as I see it. We all know that literally anyone can wake up one day and start calling themselves a V.A. But what skills do they really have that clients are actually looking for? I cringe a little every time I see a V.A. promoting things like "Email Management" or "Internet Research". It's not that these skills aren't needed...I've done them all. But the problem is...these skills are not HIGH DEMAND. Why? Because they are easy to learn...and almost anyone can do them.

Let's be 10-year old can do Internet Research like a badass. At the risk of sounding like a harsh bitch, you aren't going to be a high-demand Virtual Assistant simply because you know how to use Google.

I have worked as a Virtual Assistant and V.A. coach since 2011 and I'm often contacted by clients looking for a Virtual Assistant to help them...but they definitely want certain skill sets that, quite frankly, are sometimes hard to find. Today I'm sharing them with you.

The Top 5 In-Demand Skills for Virtual Assistants

1. Blog/Podcast/Website Support

Truth bomb: Every client I've ever worked with has a blog and website. And today, most of them have Podcasts.  These can be time-consuming...but a necessary marketing piece for online business owners. BINGO - this is a perfect spot for Virtual Assistants to jump in and help! What are some skills you may need to manage client blogs? Help with Podcasts?  Keep their websites updated? 

2. Social Media Marketing

This is a HUGE area to cover and you definitely don't need to know all of it. But you DO need to be really excellent at it. Managing social media isn't just posting an inspirational quote now and then. It's being able to create High-Quality posts with engaging captions, proper hashtags, and eye-catching images and video. It's knowing the best times to schedule. These days it's super helpful if you're a wizard at creating Ads. Social media is another spot in the Virtual World that sucks time. But it's also one of the best ways to market an online business. It makes sense to get highly skilled in this area.

3. Sales Pages and Funnels

Most online business owners are consistently launching new courses, programs, products, or services. Which means they are always in need of Sales Pages and Funnels. Yep - once again this is the perfect place for Virtual Assistants to step in and tackle those tasks! Learning to create a Sales Page doesn't have to be hard...there are many programs and templates you can learn to use these days to help you. If you can also become skilled in setting up email campaigns and payment gateways? You will quickly find your practice is full and overflowing.

4. Email Marketing

Quick Question: Name a company that is NOT sending out emails these days. It's not that easy, is it? Everyone from your favorite Podcaster to your favorite clothing store is sending you emails...whether it's weekly, monthly, or even daily. Knowing how to use eMail Marketing is an in-demand skill! You don't need to know EVERY program out there (Infusionsoft, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact), aye, aye,'s a lot. But I do find that becoming familiar with how to use at least ONE email marketing platform can definitely help you score clients.

5. Graphics and Video Skills

I debated whether to add 'graphics skills' and/or 'Video Skills' to this list...but the truth is, I find both of these creative skills to be in high demand. Why? Because you actually use them EVERYWHERE. There are graphics and images and videos on websites, blog posts, sales pages, social media, marketing materials...I literally cannot think of a place in business that DOESN'T use graphics and/or videos.  Being familiar with how to crop and edit photos, add text and graphic illustrations and create eye-catching designs is almost ESSENTIAL. Don't fret! There are dozens of programs and apps out there that make it easy for you. If you are a Virtual Assistant who wants more work...I would definitely get familiar with how to create simple graphics or do some light video editing.

A Virtual Assistant Business should be thought of like any other business out need some expert skills if you want to be successful. You wouldn't open a florist shop without taking a course in flower arranging. And you can't honestly expect to find clients if you don't have any REAL, marketable skills to offer them. Invest in yourself by learning some in-demand skills and you'll always have a full practice.


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