Pinterest for Virtual Assistants

Looking for more clients for your Virtual Assistant Business?  Consider using Pinterest -it's not just fun for saving recipes, hairstyles and decorating's also a fantastic tool you can use to attract potential clients to work with you!

Keep in mind that if you practice and get really great at using Pinterest for your own business marketing - you can offer Pinterest marketing as one of the services that you offer to clients too!

Here are my top 5 tips for using Pinterest to attract clients to your Virtual Assistant Business:

  • Make sure you set up your Pinterest account as a BUSINESS rather than a personal account. This will unlock a ton of cool insights and features to help you get more viewers
  • Pin content relevant to your target audience.  I suggest creating pins linking back to your blog posts, website pages, and any other content you create that showcases your products and Virtual Assistant Services. Create boards and share pins about things your clients are interested in.  For example: if you only want to work with Pig Farmers...start pinning those cute piggy pictures and farming tips today!
  • To get your pins seen more often, make sure you're following Pinterest's best practices and size guidelines:  Definitely use spiffy colors, fonts, and images to get 'em noticed.  Canva is an amazing tool you can play around with to help you design some gorgy-gorgeous pins.
  • Pin daily...rather than batching a whole bunch of pins at once.  Consistent pinning spread out over time will get you showing up in the Pinterest smart feed more often.
  • Use great titles and descriptions.  Using keywords that your target audience is interested in will help them find you.  Keep this tip in mind when creating board titles and pin descriptions.  You can also use hashtags in your descriptions to improve your reach even further. 

If you stop and think about it, your clients are using Pinterest to search for things they are interested in.  By pinning the type of content they are looking for, you're increasing your chances of getting found and attracting clients who are perfect for you. 

BONUS TIP:  Pinterest changes it's best practices often.  This means that what worked in 2017 doesn't necessarily work now, so always double-check with the Pinterest Business Blog to make sure you're getting the best advice!

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