Find Clients Using an Email Signature

Today’s blog post is a short and sweet super-simple reminder about your easiest marketing tool:  Your E-Mail Signature.

Everyone has one.  But is yours as good as it can be?  And do you have a decent signature on both your PERSONAL and your BUSINESS email? Think about the number of people (ie: potential clients) who see your e-mail signature every day.  People who might be needing your help!

This week I’ve used my personal e-mail to contact my dentistmy child’s teacherdance coach, and soccer coach. In fact, I’ve sent out e-mails to every parent on the entire soccer team.  I’ve also RSVP’d to a party.  That’s a hella lotta people seeing my personal email signature this week!

I’ve also used my BUSINESS email address to send approximately 40 emails this week – and most of those are going to other business owners as well.

See where I’m going with this?  All of those personal and business emails have a personalized signature at the bottom with a link that goes directly back to MY BUSINESS WEBSITE. You never know who might be curious enough to click on a link in your email signature that goes straight on over to your WEBSITEFACEBOOK PAGE, or INSTAGRAM Profile.  Everyone is a potential client who might happen to be looking for exactly what YOU offer.

True story: As it happens, one of my children’s teachers happened to be looking for a website designer on the day I contacted her.  When she got my personal email, she also happened to be curious enough to click the link in my email signature and check out my website…which is exactly how she discovered – lo and behold – I design Kajabi websites!

If you already have your phone number and website listed in your signature – GREAT.  But take some time to see if you can make it even better!  Can you include a cute picture of you smiling beautifully?  A pop of color to attract attention? And definitely don’t forget to add a call to action.  Your email signature is your EASIEST marketing tool!



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