Virtual Assistant with a Coach

In the beginning, I was just like you.

I thought Virtual Assistant business coaching was a BIG waste of my time...not to mention an outrageous amount of moola.  

I figured a coach was someone who sat your butt down and handed over a lengthy checklist of all the stuff you would need to do to make your Virtual Assistance business successful.  I figured it would be a list of 'hard' tasks (that I probably wouldn't want to do).  I thought they would tell me things I could get from free webinars.  I thought the ideas a coach would give me, likely wouldn't work anyway.  Nope...VA coaching? Not for me.

Can I just tell you how completely and utterly wrong I was?

The first time I worked with a coach happened because I WON coaching in a Twitter contest (thank the universe for making that happen).  I was shocked to find out that it was life-changing.  That year I tripled my income and got serious about my V.A. business. Since that day, I have rarely been without a coach.  I KNOW the value and I believe in it so strongly, that I spent two years training and learning how to become a coach myself.

Virtual Assistant Coaching is so much more than someone handing over a list of do's and don'ts that may or may not help your business.  There are hidden benefits to working with a coach that may not have been on your radar.   I'm here to nudge them into your brain today in the hopes that you'll reap the benefits of V.A. coaching as I have.

 1.  A trained V.A. coach knows how to pull answers and ideas from you.  When we feel clueless and don't know what's next, a coach can be amazingly helpful by asking the right questions to give you clarity and pull your own best ideas out of your head and into action.

2.  A coach can be an excellent source of new clients and connections.  This point was HUGE for me when starting my business.  Clients looking for EXCELLENT virtual assistants will often contact a V.A. Coach to see who he/she would recommend.  Duh!  It's so obvious it hurts.   A good V.A. coach may be able to refer new clients to you AND introduce you to other virtual assistants or industry professionals who can help you move forward in your business.

3.   A coach gets you excited about your business and motivated to do more and be more.  Let's face it...businesses have seasons.  Sometimes you're excited and bursting with ambition (like Springtime) and sometimes your business is stagnant and 'resting' (like winter).  A coach can be just the thing to turn those stagnant periods around and light that fire in your belly to help you push through to the next level.

4.  A coach can point out where you are limiting yourself.  We all get stuck in our heads by 'limiting beliefs'.  For example, I held a belief that I didn't want a 'BIG Business that made over 6-figures' because I didn't want to put in the amount of work and hustle that would take.  A coach was able to show me that more money...and a bigger business...did not necessarily mean more work.  In fact, with the right team behind you...you could potentially do even LESS work.   Small shifts around those ideas that hold you back can lead to momentous changes in your business, and sometimes it takes a coach to point them out to you.

 5.  A coach can hold you accountable to implementing action steps.  Oh lawdy, for me this is HUGE.  I need a coach to make me complete tasks.  PERIOD.  I'm NEVER short on ideas but often lose interest or don't take the time to bring them into play. Thank the heavens above for coaches who can keep me on the hook for completing things!

 6.  A coach isn't there to be nice (like your bestie or your hubs)  You'll get the truth.   We usually turn to those around us to ask opinions about our business. We do it All. The. Damn. Time.  Likely from the moment we start thinking of becoming a Virtual Assistant we hit up our families and friends to get their ideas about our brands, our offerings, our websites, our futures.  The danger?  Those closest to us are often afraid to tell you the truth and will go along with our ideas to make us feel good.  Or worse?  Some people feel envy over our success and will inadvertently try to sabotage our success by giving us bad opinions and advice.  A coach is not there to sugarcoat or to sabotage.  They are your BEST sounding board and will honestly tell you the pros and cons of your ideas and truthfully point out where you might be making mistakes and where you're nailing it.

 7.  You get a huge boost of confidence.  Need I say more?  It's HARD to build a business when you're feeling timid and unsure.  We NEED a cheerleader in our corners who can pump us up and boost our morale!  Nothing is better for your business than being able to move forward with absolute faith in yourself.  A coach can give you that.

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