Virtual Assistant Starting a Business

Woman Raising Hand on Apple iOS 13.3 Raise your hand if you're not ready yet. 

Perhaps you're not ready to start a Virtual Assistant Business.  Or you're not ready to have a website.  Maybe you're working on your website, but you're not quite ready to have your first client. Or you've been working on this really great Ebook...but it's just not quite perfect so, therefore: Not ready.

Guess what's time to change that Stinkin' Thinkin'.

Here's a truth pill that's hard to swallow: Nothing is EVER 'ready'...and the best way to get ahead is to JUST DO IT NOW. When I started out as a Virtual Assistant 9 years ago, I sure as hell didn't feel confident. I somewhat recklessly dove into it out of desperation when my husband was sick and I needed to make extra income!

The first website I created was a one-page disaster that I taught myself how to build using the cheapest drag-and-drop editor I could find. It was nowhere near what I wanted it to be...but I had to have somewhere to send potential clients to learn more about me and my business. It wasn't quite 'Ready' but it WORKED.

Here's a REALLY powerful example: The first time I sold a live training course, I wrote an outline...and then launched and sold the course before it was even created. That's right, I made $5000 from that launch by selling a course THAT WASN'T EVEN CREATED YET. I wrote each week's content well after I had already made all of the sales. Believe me, nothing motivates you more to get something done than knowing people have already bought and paid for it.

There's never a time that you're perfectly ready.

If you wait to start your Virtual Assistance Business until the moment when you feel perfectly 'ready' you will never, ever start.   The perfect website is never done...there is always going to be one more thing you could do better or one more paragraph you could re-write. If you're waiting to launch something until you have 'more time' then you're going to be waiting forever because life gets in the way today and every day.

So just do it. 

Last week, one of my clients launched something SO FAST that it even scared me and I told her so.  Her reply?

I like to jump...and build my parachute on the way down.

And that's some pretty great advice. 



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