Plant the Seeds to Make This Your Best Year Yet!

It seems like only yesterday we were busy mapping out our 'perfect 2020'...when just a few months in we were ALL hit with a global pandemic to mess with our lives!

The good news?  Most of us are getting used to the 'new normal' and with that in mind, it's the perfect time of year to start planting the seeds for an INCREDIBLE 2021.

Antsy to get started? 

Here are a few steps you can start taking RIGHT NOW to set a solid foundation for the next 12 months...

1.  REFLECT.  Take some time to think about 2020 and make note of the things that 'worked'.  What made you giddy with joy?  What actions brought in money? What experiences made you feel successful?  How can you bring MORE of that into next year? Also, reflect on what DIDN'T work.  These will obviously be things you'll want to avoid for 2021.

2. DREAMSTORM.  It's weird, but most people have a tough time articulating what they really want.  We all say things like 'money, health and...

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Black Friday is FAST approaching and I have been scouting for Virtual Assistant deals to help you save money!  Typically a lot of holiday shopping is done this week and it's a GREAT idea to buy something for your business as well! Might I suggest you skip the mall madness this year and treat yourself to some of these online deals and steals on some of my favorite tools and software?  Snag them before they're gone on Nov. 27th and use them to grow a bigger and more successful Virtual Assistance business this year! 

Ready?  Here we go...

HALF PRICE for a year Membership of Haute Stock Photos!

  My favorite stock images for blog posts, social media, icons, templates and so much more! 

 Haute Stock isn’t just a stock photography membership (though   they have thousands of carefully curated images available, and   counting!), they also provide: 

    • A growing selection of fully customizable Canva templates
    • ...
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I realize this sounds entirely crazy. How can having just ONE skill turn you into a super-successful money-making Virtual Assistant with a waiting list of clients who want to hire you?

I'll tell you, right now. I've seen it happen and I'll explain exactly why having just ONE high-demand skill can make you more money.

bright picture of happy woman with laptop computer

If you are an 'expert' in just one can charge higher rates.

That's true. Having just ONE skill...or just ONE thing that you do all day every day, means that you'll likely become pretty damn good at it. An expert. A guru, even. And if you're an Expert at something, can charge higher rates! Duh. Clients are more than willing to pay extra for someone who is highly skilled in something rather than someone who dabbles in a bit of everything.

You can teach, train or create products.

So if you have just ONE skill...and you're an expert in that one thing, it makes it a heck of a lot easier...

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I have some exciting and aggressive business goals this of which is to continue growing my practice as a Virtual Assistant Coach and V.A. Course Creator, helping people who want to start a new V.A. business or expand their existing practice. Last year, two of my coaching clients asked me an interesting question:

How many clients do you have?

The answer changes for me from month to month and year to year, but the truth is: The most clients I have taken on at one time was 7-8 different business owners. And at my lowest? This always surprises people: I had just TWO clients.

Are you wondering which was better? The truth is, there were good parts and bad parts having LOTS of clients and also to having very few. If you are just starting out or thinking about scaling up or wondering if it's better to seek out a smaller number of prospects...there is no 'right' or 'wrong' number of clients to have, but there ARE pros and cons to consider.

The Pros and Cons of Having...

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Every Virtual Assistant will run into this dilemma sooner or later: A client you've been working with for some time has asked you to do a new task that falls outside of your skillset.

Perhaps your client has decided to switch email providers and is asking you to learn the new platform. Or maybe they want to automate their Social Media Marketing and have asked you to learn the new program that they plan on using.

When this happens you should let your client know that this task is something you haven't done before. Even if you do decide to learn it, you will likely be slower and (let's face it) probably be a bit of a hot mess at first.

Should You Take on the Challenge and Learn the new thing?

Before you agree to learn ANYTHING new, it's important to consider whether this is a skill you want to attain. In some cases, it may be so completely out of your league or interests, that it would make more sense for your client to hire an expert, rather than having you handle it.

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Several weeks ago I was grocery shopping in the middle of the day (one of the perks of being a V.A.!) when I ran into a friend who is also - YUP - a Virtual Assistant.   We chatted about the benefits of frozen taquitos for a few minutes and then promptly got onto the topic of "insane work schedules" and the fact that some days our workloads are very, very light...and other days?  The poop emoji hits the fan and every client wants fifty-eleven tasks done URGENTLY.

If you're a Virtual Assistant, and you have more than one client...then I guarantee this will happen to you. 

Call it Murphy's Law, but if there's one thing I've learned as a V.A. for the last 9 years it is this: Every client seems to get busy and needs help all at the same time. 

So how does a Brainy Gal manage this?

There are some things you can do to try and PREVENT becoming over-scheduled:

    • Make sure every client knows, up front, that you require a certain amount of notice (ie: 48 hours) for...
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Today I’m going to gift you the ‘cute’ version of my Virtual Assistant Client Intake Form.  Scroll to the bottom of this post to grab it now!

The Client Intake Form is simply a document used to gather and store all of your client’s contact info.  I always ask new clients for these important pieces of information before I begin working them. You can store this in a document online (be sure it’s in a highly secure location!) or as a hard copy in a locked file cabinet. I usually keep both.

Obviously, you’re going to want your client’s full namebusiness nameaddress, and phone numbers. But remember to get really specific with what you ask for.  For example, I ask my clients for their business phone number, their cell and also their home phone number (which is optional) but may be handy if I need to get in touch with them urgently or after hours. I also ask...

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In today's blog post I'm sharing the TOP 3 PLACES I use to find images for use on my website, social media posts, newsletter and marketing materials. Not only for MY OWN Virtual Assistant Business...but these are great sources to recommend to clients as well!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Haute-Stock-Affiliate-Opt-In-Graphics-1-Version-1-1024x1024.png

Haute Stock

By far, my favorite way to get high-quality images, graphics, mockups, and seasonal photographs is at Haute Stock. These are styled images made especially for women in business and/or lifestyle bloggers and they are GORGEOUS. This is honestly the only source of images that I pay for and it is well worth every penny.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is haute-stock-affiliate-graphic-1080x1080-10-1.png


Listen, I am certainly no photographer and without a doubt, the images I take with my iPhone are nowhere near as beautiful or eye-catching as those purchased at a stock photo company.

But that said, there is a great reason for using your OWN...

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Sooner or later every good Virtual Assistant must face that (dreaded) moment when it's time to raise our rates with existing clients.

If you're anything like me,  you break into a cold sweat at the thought, and the guilt and fear pour over you like Niagara Falls.

How do you nicely tell your existing Virtual Assistant clients that your rates are going up without scaring them off and losing their business?

Here are a few tips to get you through it:

  • Choose a date in the future when your rates will go up. Give existing clients a couple of months notice before switching them over to the new rate.  It's easy to email them a thoughtful, personal note to inform them that your rates will be increasing on such-and-such a date.  This gives them a chance to get used to the idea and allows them to have a look at their own finances so they can find a way to continue working with you.  You don't want to scare them away with a cray-cray price hike that is 'effective...
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I've been debating about whether to share this secret on my blog ...actually for years. I think the time is right, so here goes:

I often make more money than my clients.

I've been working as a full-time Virtual Assistant since 2011 (that's over 9 years now!!) and I've had many, many clients come and go over that time. It always surprises me (and I think it would honestly surprise a LOT of people) to know that I often make more money as a Virtual Assistant than some of the clients I'm serving.

woman holding two coins
Photo by Thought Catalog on

How do I know I make more than some of my clients?

Over the years, I've occasionally been tasked with jobs that require me to see a client's financials...and I've been shocked, to discover that when it comes right down to it...I'm sometimes taking home more moola than the 'Big' clients.

Of course, this is not ALWAYS the case. Sometimes I make WAY less than the people I work for. And sometimes I have no idea what my clients make since I've...

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