With the kiddos finally off school, the pool open, and the weather seriously stankin’ hot… your business mindset is bound to change.

Summer conjures up a longing to spend hours lounging on the porch sipping lemonade and reading trashy chick-lit.  It can be tough to crank the A/C, sit your butt down in that office chair and grow your Virtual Assistance Business.   Not to mention the fact that many clients are taking holidays and slowing down THEIR businesses – Which brings us to today’s post:

5 Ways to Grow Your Virtual Assistant Practice Over the Summer:

1.  Put Your Social Media on Auto-Pilot.  Use a Social Media scheduler.  There are many to choose from including HootsuiteTailwind or MeetEdgar .  Connect your social media networks and pre-schedule updates for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.  You keep your fans and followers updated and your social media accounts...

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Yo – whattup VA’s?

Good morning esteemed associates in Virtual Assistance.

Cheerio jolly good mates!

Today’s post is about using your own voice to market your business.   This is so incredibly important because the fact of the matter is – your ideal client will be attracted to your real voice.   When you are ‘checkin’ out the competition’ by browsing other VA’s websites, it can be tempting to ‘mimic’ their style.  You might even go so far as to pick out certain phrases they’ve used and put them in YOUR marketing …this is a HUGE NO-NO.   (Even I am guilty of wanting to ‘go all Hip Hop’ after watching Marie Forleo ‘do her thang’ OR scream positive and uplifting philosophies for women after watching Rachel Hollis)  Don’t fall into that trap!

You MUST bring your real self into your marketing if you want to attract...

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When I started my Virtual Assistance business, I had NO intention of using my own photo on my website. I wanted to comfortably hide behind my computer. Instead, I chose a ‘brainy gal’ cartoon character and used HER headshot... for everything from my ‘About Me’ page to my social media accounts.

Then came the fateful day a potential client asked to meet in person at a coffee shop.  I was excited to go...but I had to say “You’ll have no trouble finding me - I’ll be the cartoon character in the suit”.

This,  right here, is reason number ONE to always use a ‘real’ photo of yourself on your website and social accounts.  You WANT people to be able to recognize you at meetings, live events or online.

Reason Number TWO to always use an actual photograph of you:  The 'Know, Like and Trust Factor'.  In short - people want to hire a Virtual Assistant whom they feel they know, like and trust. Having a...

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Today’s blog post is a short and sweet super-simple reminder about your easiest marketing tool:  Your E-Mail Signature.

Everyone has one.  But is yours as good as it can be?  And do you have a decent signature on both your PERSONAL and your BUSINESS email? Think about the number of people (ie: potential clients) who see your e-mail signature every day.  People who might be needing your help!

This week I’ve used my personal e-mail to contact my dentistmy child’s teacherdance coach, and soccer coach. In fact, I’ve sent out e-mails to every parent on the entire soccer team.  I’ve also RSVP’d to a party.  That’s a hella lotta people seeing my personal email signature this week!

I’ve also used my BUSINESS email address to send approximately 40 emails this week – and most of those are going to other business owners as well.

See where I’m going...

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Woman Raising Hand on Apple iOS 13.3 Raise your hand if you're not ready yet. 

Perhaps you're not ready to start a Virtual Assistant Business.  Or you're not ready to have a website.  Maybe you're working on your website, but you're not quite ready to have your first client. Or you've been working on this really great Ebook...but it's just not quite perfect so, therefore: Not ready.

Guess what girlfriend...it's time to change that Stinkin' Thinkin'.

Here's a truth pill that's hard to swallow: Nothing is EVER 'ready'...and the best way to get ahead is to JUST DO IT NOW. When I started out as a Virtual Assistant 9 years ago, I sure as hell didn't feel confident. I somewhat recklessly dove into it out of desperation when my husband was sick and I needed to make extra income!

The first website I created was a one-page disaster that I taught myself how to build using the cheapest drag-and-drop editor I could find. It was nowhere near what I wanted it to be...but I had to have somewhere to send potential...

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