I realize this sounds entirely crazy. How can having just ONE skill turn you into a super-successful money-making Virtual Assistant with a waiting list of clients who want to hire you?

I'll tell you, right now. I've seen it happen and I'll explain exactly why having just ONE high-demand skill can make you more money.

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If you are an 'expert' in just one can charge higher rates.

That's true. Having just ONE skill...or just ONE thing that you do all day every day, means that you'll likely become pretty damn good at it. An expert. A guru, even. And if you're an Expert at something, can charge higher rates! Duh. Clients are more than willing to pay extra for someone who is highly skilled in something rather than someone who dabbles in a bit of everything.

You can teach, train or create products.

So if you have just ONE skill...and you're an expert in that one thing, it makes it a heck of a lot easier...

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Today I’m going to gift you the ‘cute’ version of my Virtual Assistant Client Intake Form.  Scroll to the bottom of this post to grab it now!

The Client Intake Form is simply a document used to gather and store all of your client’s contact info.  I always ask new clients for these important pieces of information before I begin working them. You can store this in a document online (be sure it’s in a highly secure location!) or as a hard copy in a locked file cabinet. I usually keep both.

Obviously, you’re going to want your client’s full namebusiness nameaddress, and phone numbers. But remember to get really specific with what you ask for.  For example, I ask my clients for their business phone number, their cell and also their home phone number (which is optional) but may be handy if I need to get in touch with them urgently or after hours. I also ask...

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Let me start by saying this:  Finding clients for your Virtual Assistance Business is hard. I'm kind of sick of the B.S. in the online world where every Virtual Assistant who ever lived is trying to sell you something and telling you they filled their business within a couple of weeks (to 6-figures, no doubt).  It's easy to 'hide' on the internet and say whatever you want.

Yet seeing those kinds of posts (that are meant to make you buy something from someone) can leave you feeling crappy and wondering why YOU haven't found any clients yet. 

I have been a Virtual Assistant for 11 years and I will tell it as I see it:  It usually takes much longer than that to fill your V.A. Practice with clients.  So if you've been struggling, you need to know you're NORMAL.

That said...I wanted to share some tips for finding clients on Social Media because I see a lot of newbie V.A.s making some rookie mistakes, and I'm here to share what's worked better for myself and my...

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I've been coaching and mentoring Virtual Assistants for many years now and STILL one of the biggest challenges a lot of V.A.s face is not being able to find enough...or ANY clients. This week I want to share WHY I think that is. And I'm going to serve it up truthfully (and maybe sound a little harsh):

Many Virtual Assistants have ZERO in-demand skills.

Sorry...I'm just telling it as I see it. We all know that literally anyone can wake up one day and start calling themselves a V.A. But what skills do they really have that clients are actually looking for? I cringe a little every time I see a V.A. promoting things like "Email Management" or "Internet Research". It's not that these skills aren't needed...I've done them all. But the problem is...these skills are not HIGH DEMAND. Why? Because they are easy to learn...and almost anyone can do them.

Let's be 10-year old can do Internet Research like a badass. At the risk of sounding like a harsh bitch, you...

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If you're not using Instagram to market your Virtual Assistance business, you're missing out on BIG opportunities! With over 1 BILLION monthly active users, Instagram is THE place to be to engage with potential customers. And, HULLOOOO... INSTAGRAM MARKETING is a pretty dang good service you could be offering to your clients as well!


Doing a crap-ton of research and taking courses on Instagram marketing opened up some surprising facts for how you can use it best in 2019. Here's what I discovered:

ENGAGEMENT matters more than FOLLOWERS
Shoot to interact with your followers rather than just accumulate them! Likes, shares, and comments on your content will give you more influence than having thousands upon thousands of un-engaged followers.

VIDEO is QUEEN in 2019
Currently, videos get 2x the number of comments on Instagram than still images.

Post ONCE or TWICE per day.
The Instagram algorithm (the thing that decides how often your posts will get seen!)...

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If I had to pick the one question I get the very most often from new Virtual Assistants, it would most definitely be the good 'ole:

"How do I find clients"?

I thought it would be fun to share the EXACT things I did to get my very first few clients way back in 2011 (yes, I've been around that long). Of course, some things have definitely changed since then...but many of these ideas are still working for me today as I get inquiries from potential new clients every month.

1. Elance (now Upwork)

OK, I have to be FULLY HONEST here: I don't usually tell anyone I found my first client on Elance (which is now called Upwork). Why? Because the competition was FIERCE and the money I made was LOW. Like way low. Like way waaaaay low. It took a lot of time to apply for a handful of jobs AND I dropped my rate to a pitiful $10 per hour. Now that I've been a Virtual Assistant for 9+ years I know, without a doubt, that I cannot make a living with such a low rate. So while I don't...

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This week I noticed an interesting drama unfolding in some of my social media feeds involving two big business coaches. Let's just call them 'Coach A'  and 'Coach B'.

Coach A made the bold statement that "Webinars are dead".

He implied that people aren't listening, don't care, and are tired of the whole "come to my free webinar" marketing schtick.  I have to admit, I am somewhat inclined to agree...from my own personal experience, I rarely sign up for a free webinar nor attend one and I do tend to get tired of seeing them advertised over and over and over again.

However, Coach B was quick to laugh and pointed out, that they themselves made multiple six figures this year - largely from offering free webinars.

So who is right?  Are webinars dead?  Is blogging the better way to go?  Newsletters? Facebook ads?  Podcasts?  Challenges? Instagram?

The choices when it comes to marketing your business...and OMG, the conflicting advice...

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Let's be clear:  You don't HAVE TO do anything.  But when it comes to writing a blog for your Virtual Assistance biz?  Here's why you may want to consider it:

Quite often during my private coaching sessions with Virtual Assistants, I get asked:

"Do I have to write a blog???  Even if I reeeaaalllly hate blogging?"

I gotta be honest with you, there are many ways in which having a blog can help Virtual Assistants ramp up their businesses:

  • It can help boost your status as an 'expert' by showing others what a smarty-pants you are
  • It showcases your writing, editing, grammar, and proofing skills to potential clients
  • Regular blog posts help boost SEO so your website gets more eyes on it
  • After some time, your blog archive will contain a multitude of great articles written by you that you can then turn into a book or info product to SELL
  • A blog helps keep your 'tribe' of potential customers helps potential clients 'get to know you'
  • Your blog...
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I coach new Virtual Assistants – Can you guess what the number one question I get asked most often?

You guessed it:  “How can I get, find and attract (more) clients?”

So here’s the short answer:  Be Yourself.  Be Likable. (Don’t leave yet…hear me out first)

I know you are groaning and eye-rolling.  You’re thinking that’s a dull, useless answer, but let’s dig a little deeper into what that means and you’ll see that it’s really brilliant advice.

Think As Your Clients Think

When you’re trying to attract clients, you have to learn to think like your clients think. You have to put yourself in their shoes…and pretend YOU are a client trolling around the internet in search of a new Virtual Assistant.

When a client lands on your website…what makes them decide to actually CALL you?  Is it your 27 skills?  Is it your ultra-low...

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In the beginning, I was just like you.

I thought Virtual Assistant business coaching was a BIG waste of my time...not to mention an outrageous amount of moola.  

I figured a coach was someone who sat your butt down and handed over a lengthy checklist of all the stuff you would need to do to make your Virtual Assistance business successful.  I figured it would be a list of 'hard' tasks (that I probably wouldn't want to do).  I thought they would tell me things I could get from free webinars.  I thought the ideas a coach would give me, likely wouldn't work anyway.  Nope...VA coaching? Not for me.

Can I just tell you how completely and utterly wrong I was?

The first time I worked with a coach happened because I WON coaching in a Twitter contest (thank the universe for making that happen).  I was shocked to find out that it was life-changing.  That year I tripled my income and got serious about my V.A. business. Since that day, I have rarely...

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