Over the last 9+ years, I have connected with MANY Virtual Assistants at all levels of creating a V.A. Business. Some have flopped and 'virtually' disappeared from the industry. Others have become super success stories, growing 6 Figure practices, and KILLING it in the online world. What did they do differently?

Here are 10 Things Successful Virtual Assistants Do Daily:

1. Have a Plan

The most successful Virtual Assistants I know don't jump into their day willy nilly wondering what they'll work on first, how they'll spend their lunch hour, and which project they'll 'feel like' working on. They start each morning by deciding on priorities, reviewing deadlines, and building a solid plan for the best way to spend their time.

2. Work on Their Own business (Not Just for Clients)

You might think the highest paid Virtual Assistants spend all their time doing client work...after all...that's what we get paid for! But the biggest players in the V.A. world know that it's...

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Hiring a coach for your business is a big investment in your future success.  An excellent coach will give you the tools and perspective to help you grow your business, set, and reach your next level goals and overcome challenges.  But what should you look for when hiring this oh-so-important mentor for your business?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Chemistry.  Much like dating – you’ll want to choose a business coach who shares your ideals and is easy to get along with.  Test the waters to make sure you’re a good fit to work together by asking for a ‘Discovery Call’ before taking the plunge to hire.
  • Proven Business Success. A professional dancer would never hire a coach who just watched ‘Dancing with the Stars’ a few times.  They would look for someone with real dance experience and accomplishments!  Likewise, when hiring a business coach, look for someone who’s done what...
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In the beginning, I was just like you.

I thought Virtual Assistant business coaching was a BIG waste of my time...not to mention an outrageous amount of moola.  

I figured a coach was someone who sat your butt down and handed over a lengthy checklist of all the stuff you would need to do to make your Virtual Assistance business successful.  I figured it would be a list of 'hard' tasks (that I probably wouldn't want to do).  I thought they would tell me things I could get from free webinars.  I thought the ideas a coach would give me, likely wouldn't work anyway.  Nope...VA coaching? Not for me.

Can I just tell you how completely and utterly wrong I was?

The first time I worked with a coach happened because I WON coaching in a Twitter contest (thank the universe for making that happen).  I was shocked to find out that it was life-changing.  That year I tripled my income and got serious about my V.A. business. Since that day, I have rarely...

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If you've been a Virtual Assistant (or any business owner) for any length of time then chances are you've been hit with a case of the 'Business Blahs' now-and-then.

By BLAHS I mean many things - you're feeling tired, frustrated and un-inspired. Maybe you haven't been able to find all the clients you want.  Maybe you're stuck trying to come up with a viable list of services.  Maybe you're completely dried up for marketing ideas and can't think of one damn thing to post about.  Or maybe it's just the colder fall weather and darker, rainy days that's wreaking havoc on your joy.

Whatever is dragging you down and triggering those Virtual Assistant Business Blahs...there are a few ways to snap yourself out of it, girlfriend.  Grab yourself a coffee (and I won't tell if it's wine) and let's figure out how to bring the excitement back to your business.

  • Give yourself permission for a vacay day.  When you're a V.A., taking a day off can trigger all kinds of...
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That’s my answer –  plain and simple.  Are you wondering why?  Because it will make your business better.

I know an awful lot of V.A.s will be doubtful.  Perhaps you feel it’s too early in the game for you to need a coach. Perhaps you think hiring a coach is too pricey.  Or maybe you already have a wildly successful V.A. biz and don’t need anyone else’s help,  thank-you-very-much!

Well – I’m stickin’ to my guns on this one…you still need a coach.

If you really think about it, a good coach is essential if you want to be become and expert at…well…ANYTHING.

For example,

  • Every human being on the planet has the ability to dance…some have natural talent… but only those who hire a dance coach can become professionals, stand out above the rest of us and earn money good money for doing it.
  • Lots of people know how to play baseball. Some people are naturally good at it...
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