I've been coaching Virtual Assistants for 9+ years, and one of the questions I get asked A LOT is:

"Who should I get to build my website?"

My answer is simple:  YOU should TOTALLY build your website yourself. 

I know...I know. The thought of building a website terrifies some people with thoughts of crazy, complex custom coding nightmares.  But hear me out:  It's actually pretty easy to build a simple website these days.

There are some nifty drag-and-drop website builders out there that allow almost anyone to create a simple website in less than a day.  Better still?  Most of them are fairly inexpensive!  You don't need to know HTML or Custom CSS coding and you can have a pretty snazzy custom-designed website working for your business in no time.  A website that matches your brand and your own special personality.

"But I heard drag-and-drop builders don't let you customize much and suck for SEO?" 

The truth is, you can...

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When I had the idea (9+ years ago!) to start a Virtual Assistant Business, one of the first things I did was research what equipment I would need.   Do you want to know what I found?  Almost EVERY post I read mentioned 'a comfortable chair' which:

A) Seems obscenely obvious and
B) is complete and utter baloney.

Hear me loud and clear: YOU DO NOT NEED A COMFORTABLE CHAIR TO BECOME A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT.  I have worked on the couch...on the floor...outdoors...on a beach...from my bed...and yes - from an UNCOMFORTABLE chair (LOL).  All kidding aside, I do have a desk and chair that I love and spend MOST of my time at...but it's not a necessary thing to worry yourself with when you're starting up!

So what do you need to start a V.A. business?  As a business owner, some start-up costs are likely.  You will need to invest in the essentials. In my opinion, those would be:

  • A Kick-Ass Computer. You will be running your entire business online, using loads...
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When I started my Virtual Assistance business, I had NO intention of using my own photo on my website. I wanted to comfortably hide behind my computer. Instead, I chose a ‘brainy gal’ cartoon character and used HER headshot... for everything from my ‘About Me’ page to my social media accounts.

Then came the fateful day a potential client asked to meet in person at a coffee shop.  I was excited to go...but I had to say “You’ll have no trouble finding me - I’ll be the cartoon character in the suit”.

This,  right here, is reason number ONE to always use a ‘real’ photo of yourself on your website and social accounts.  You WANT people to be able to recognize you at meetings, live events or online.

Reason Number TWO to always use an actual photograph of you:  The 'Know, Like and Trust Factor'.  In short - people want to hire a Virtual Assistant whom they feel they know, like and trust. Having a...

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