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You CAN work from home and make good money.  You CAN have more time for family and all the fun stuff in life too. I've done it and I am here to help YOU start or grow YOUR online Virtual Assistance business too.  

It doesn't have to be a struggle and you don't have to figure it out alone.



In 2011, I quit my job as a cubicle dweller and have been earning a living as a Virtual Assistant ever since. I made my dream of working from home a reality and am totally in love with the whole 'Virtual Assistant Lifestyle'.  My business made it possible to earn good money and have tons more time to spend with my hubs and trio of awesome kiddos.  I also have time for my own interests and hobbies outside of work. I'm a little obsessed with creating happiness and, let's be real, it's waaaay more fun having your own business and making your own schedule than working for someone else. Amiright?  Sooooo many women have asked me how I did it...and wanted to know if they could do it too.  This is exactly what led me to offer Virtual Assistant Coaching.


I've been told many times that working with me privately was worth every penny. Whether you're brand-spankin' new to the Virtual Assistant world and freaking out about what to do - OR you've been at it a for a while but want to grow BIGGER, bring on a team, or find more clients, I'm here to help. 

I've built a very successful online Virtual Assistance business from the ground up and I promise my advice is always the real deal. I will answer your questions, help you navigate roadblocks, and together, we'll create a custom plan for your business so you'll know exactly what to do next.  I'll also hold you accountable to make sure you actually do it.  Think of me as both your personal cheerleader and your business-boosting butt-kicker.  I expect you to keep your word, show up, do the work, and then celebrate with real results.




  • Questionnaire to determine where you're starting from, what questions you have and to help me create a custom coaching experience to exactly suit your needs
  • ONE 50 minute call via ZOOM (just you 'n me) to answer ALL your questions, determine your goals and create custom, do-able action steps to get you where you want to be
  • FREE copy of the Essential Virtual Assistant Binder including a sample Client Contract and Sample Welcome Letter
  • Clear Action Steps for what to do next that we decide upon together and you commit to completing
  • Accountability Email at the end of the 30 days to ensure you have hit your targets and completed your action steps
  • 30 Days of Email Support Directly from me. I will answer all of your questions via email for an entire month.
  • Accountability - I keep you motivated, help you blast through fears that might hold you back, and give you deadlines to make sure you are completing the action steps that keep you moving forward
  • Worksheets if applicable to your business, I will share tools, resources and custom made worksheets to help you clarify your ideas, build your business and hit your goals quickly
  • BIG confidence. You'll finish your coaching experience with answers to all your questions and the 'know-how' to grow a successful Virtual Assistance business like a 'Brainy Gal'

My coaching was PERFECT!

"My Coaching was PERFECT! People gasp at how much coaching costs, but I've told everyone I know that my time with you was worth EVERY penny. It was exactly the motivation and collaborative brainstorming I needed to move my business in a new direction. I liked that you answered all of my questions in a very direct way. I also like that you got right to the point with where I was having difficulty growing my business. It really clarified things for me.  I started recommending you to other VA's the day after our session!"



Well worth the investment

"Getting to know Lisa and spending time coaching was wonderful and very helpful. I FINALLY have my marketing plan figured out and it’s not just 1 thing, I’ve got so many cool ideas that all connect and flow into one another. 3 months ago, my thoughts and ideas were all over the place. Today, I see nothing but a green arrow moving in an upward direction and words can't express how wonderful it feels. Lisa has been such a pleasure to work with and having her as my VA mentor to bounce ideas off, get advice, share unlimited thoughts via email, brainstorm together, and solidifying that vision was well worth the investment."



I would have been lost without her!

"Lisa really helped me keep my eye on the ball as I launched my Virtual Assistant business. She provided wonderful feedback to all of the questions I had and always came prepared with awesome topics and resources for our coaching sessions. Because of her, I truly felt that I started ahead of the curve and know where to point my business in the future. I know how overwhelming it can be to launch a business, but Lisa definitely helped me keep things in order and knew what to focus on. She knows this industry and was a wonderful sounding board on ideas I had, as well as offering her own. I would have been lost without her!”



You wouldn’t start a Plumbing Business without first getting some training.
Or become a professional singer without hiring a voice coach

So if you’re serious about starting a career as a Virtual Assistant than I highly recommend you invest in yourself and get a solid foundation in place with some coaching and training. I'm living proof you can do this.  
It’s time to invest in yourself
 (you SO deserve this!)  Now. Today.

Is a Private Coaching Experience Right for You?

Hmmmmm....are you wondering if working 1:1 with me is a good fit for you? Working with me as a coach is not right for everyone and I'm cool with that.  To help you decide, ask yourself the following questions:
  • Do you need answers NOW about the Virtual Assistance Industry but don't have a clue who to ask? 
  • Confused about how to find, consult with, or sign-on new clients?
  •  Are you tired of wasting time reading free resources that aren't very helpful?
  •  Wondering how to set your ratescollect payments, or make enough money to do this V.A. gig full-time?
  • Feeling bewildered about which courses books or training are worth the money?
  •  Need help creating packages, deciding on service offerings, marketing, branding, bringing on a team or with ANY other pieces related to starting or building your Virtual Assistance business?
  •  Do you worry about working with a business coach who hasn't ever had or built a successful V.A. business of their own?
  •  Would it be helpful to have a highly experienced, highly successful Virtual Assistant willing to answer all of your questions and guide you through the next steps?

Did you answer Yes!  (yaaaaassss!) or even hell yes!  to any of the above questions?

My 30 Day coaching package is highly informative (but still really fun). It's a coaching experience for women just like you who are interested in having an Online Virtual Assistance Business that runs successfully and makes money. This coaching package is the only way to work with me privately this year.  In order to offer the highest level of quality and care to my private clients, I accept a limited number of coaching clients each month. 


An Important Note About Coaching

I'm tired of all the noise that floods the online world from so-called 'business coaches' who promise you the secret formula to work from home and make millions.

Don't work with a V.A. coach who has never built a successful business themselves. Do your homework. Know that technology moves quickly in the online world and what worked for someone else 6-months ago may not be working today. Don't enter into coaching expecting a formula that anyone and everyone can follow and make bazillions of dollars from. You will need to put your own unique spin on your business.

I see my job as your coach to share what's currently working for me and other successful V.A.s I'm connected with. I help you set goals that are exactly right for YOU and YOUR business. I hold you accountable to working towards and achieving those goals. I'm here to bounce ideas around with.  I'll (gently) kick your butt if needed and cheer you on throughout the coaching experience. I'll ask you tough questions...and I'll answer all of yours.  I give you my promise to share only the best, practical advice I've learned as a successful Virtual Assistant over the last 9+ years and what is currently working for me today.

Investment for 30-Day Private Coaching: $197


Not quite ready to start?

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